Vports is planning an international AAM corridor for electric aircraft between Quebec and Syracuse, New York.
December 1, 2022, 10:49 AM

VPorts, a Canadian advanced air mobility (AAM) startup with plans to build a vertiport network in Québec, has announced what the company said will be the first-ever international AAM corridor for electric aircraft. The company plans to launch an eVTOL flight route between one of its vertiports near Montreal and New York’s Syracuse Hancock International Airport (KSYR).

While the cross-border route will initially be used to transport commercial cargo between the U.S. and Canada, VPorts said passengers will also be able to travel the route using eVTOL air taxis. VPorts has not specified exactly which eVTOLs will be the first to fly along this route, but the company plans to begin flight trials next year.

Several eVTOL developers are aiming to have their aircraft enter service in 2025. However, none of the models currently in development have sufficient range to fly the 250 miles between Mirabel and Syracuse.

The new vertiport route announcement comes just a few months after VPorts and a consortium of international organizations signed a memorandum of understanding to establish multiple, first-of-their-kind international electric AAM corridors between Canada and the U.S. 

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