Cessna makes first Mexican delivery of class-leading Citation Latitude

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. company, today announced it has delivered the first Cessna Citation Latitude midsize business jet registered in Mexico to a customer who plans to utilize the aircraft for business travel within Mexico and throughout North America.

“The Latitude has experienced an outstanding market reception with 23 aircraft delivered to customers around the world in its first seven months, more than any other in its class, and we are excited to bring it to our customers in Mexico,” said Bob Gibbs, regional vice president of Sales for Latin America and Caribbean. “The aircraft is ideally suited for the region with its ability to operate out of high elevation airports such as those found throughout Mexico, including the Toluca Airport. This is one of the most popular executive airports in the country with strict hot / high limitations, and the standard–equipped Latitude can meet the performance requirements with ease.”

This is the third new Citation for the customer, including an XLS that they currently own. Avemex, which has been an authorized Citation sales representative in Mexico for more than 25 years, will operate the Citation Latitude on its air taxi certificate for this corporate owner.

“The Latitude’s class-leading combination of cabin space, range and acquisition cost, along with unparalleled support from both Cessna and our local channel partner Avemex, cemented the aircraft as the clear winner for this customer,” added Gibbs.

Source: Textron Aviation.

Rockwell Collins flight controls to be featured on Cessna Citation Longitude

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Rockwell Collins today announced that its horizontal stabilizer trim and flap actuation systems will be featured on the new Cessna Citation Longitude super-midsize business jet. These proven and reliable flight control systems enable the aircraft to maneuver while in flight.

“Cessna needed a flight controls provider that could deliver on the Longitude’s relatively short development schedule, and we were able to bring a low-risk solution that met their needs,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Rockwell Collins has extensive experience in designing, developing and delivering high-integrity flight control systems in line with key program milestones on a wide range of business and commercial air transport aircraft.”

Rockwell Collins’ horizontal stabilizer trim actuator controls the pitch of the horizontal stabilizer in order to reduce drag and trim the aircraft for optimal efficient flight. Its dual-load-path design provides two independent attachment points between the horizontal stabilizer and the airframe for added safety.

The flap actuator system from Rockwell Collins extends and retracts the trailing-edge flap system, which is used to increase lift during slow flight.

Source: Rockwell Collins.

Cessna Citation Latitude makes FIDAE International Air and Space Fair debut

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation Inc, a Textron Inc. company, today announced that the Cessna Citation Latitude is making its FIDAE International Air and Space Fair debut at the Santiago International Airport March 29-April 3. The Latitude, Textron Aviation’s most recently certified business jet, has been on a wordwide tour demonstrating its performance capabilities and class-leading cabin experience.

“The Latitude is already garnering strong interest from the Latin American market, offering customers our most spacious cabin environment and best-in-class operating costs,” said Bob Gibbs, regional vice president of Sales for Latin America and Caribbean. “We are the clear leaders in the Latin American jet market, with over 800 Citations and growing. The addition of the Latititude will only strengthen the Textron Aviation fleet and support the business aviation needs in this region.”

About the Citation Latitude

With a maximum range of 2,850 nautical miles, the Citation Latitude affords the most open, spacious, bright and refined cabin environment in the midsize category. With a flat floor and six feet of cabin height, innovation abounds with unique features designed throughout the aircraft. Cessna’s wireless cabin-technology system provides productive connectivity and entertainment to each passenger through their personal electronic devices. Improving cabin comfort for passengers and crew alike, the Latitude features a new cabin cooling system and a new pressurization system, which provides a 5,950-foot cabin altitude at the aircraft’s maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet. With standard seating configurations, the Latitude can comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers.

Textron Aviation service network supports Citation Latitude anywhere in the world

Supported by the industry’s most capable service network, Citation Latitude customers have access to Team Latitude, the service team staffed with experts dedicated to exclusively supporting this newest aircraft model, which provides around the clock support. Textron Aviation’s support organization includes 21 company-owned service centers located around the world with expert service engineers offering maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionics upgrades, equipment installations, refurbishments and other specialized services. In addition to its company-owned footprint, Textron Aviation’s jet and turboprop customers have access to a global network of nearly 200 authorized service facilities. Textron Aviation also offers a mobile support program featuring more than 60 mobile service units, three dedicated support aircraft, and on-site service technicians and support.

Source: Textron Aviation.

Textron businesses to highlight several of their Advanced Commercial & Defense products at FIDAE 2016

Cortesia: Textron Aviation.

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Bell Helicopter, Textron AirLand, Textron Aviation Inc. and Textron Systems, all businesses of Textron Inc., have announced their plans for the 19th edition of the International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE 2016) in Santiago, Chile, held March 29 through April 3, 2016. Textron will be displaying in Chalet C2 – C6.

For more than 35 years, FIDAE has brought together experts from diverse industry sectors, including civil and commercial aviation, defense, aircraft maintenance, airport support services and equipment, space technology and homeland security. This Latin American trade show works to provide the perfect environment for meetings and collaborations among professionals from the varied fields in aerospace and defense.

Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter invites attendees to the Textron chalet. Within the booth, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts while seeing several of Bell Helicopter’s advanced commercial products, including:

  • Bell 505 Jet Ranger X
  • Bell 407GXP
  • Bell 429

Additionally, Bell Helicopter will provide customer demonstration flights in the Bell 407GXP.

“With Bell Helicopter’s longstanding history in Latin America, FIDAE serves as an integral opportunity for us to build upon that legacy,” said Jay Ortiz, Bell Helicopter’s vice president of Latin American sales. “We look forward to showcasing how our products are ideally suited for the diverse climate and geography across Latin America and offer the advanced technology, performance and safety for any mission.”

Textron AirLand

Making its first FIDAE appearance, the Scorpion jet will be on display in the Textron chalet. Designed and built with commercial practices, the Scorpion is truly unique in the ISR and Strike market.  Scorpion is a highly affordable military jet with a target production cost of approximately $20M and an hourly operating cost that has proven lower than US$3,000. It is also very versatile in terms of mission flexibility:  a 73 cubic foot / 2 cubic meter centerline payload bay and open electronic architecture allows for multiple “plug and play” sensor types to be employed, and quickly reconfigured without impacting operational tempo. Using commercially designed twin engines, the Scorpion combines high dash speeds, extended endurance, and loiter time at cruise speeds.  Production of the first conforming aircraft began last year and first flight of this production aircraft is expected this summer.

Textron Aviation & Beechcraft Defense Company

Textron Aviation and its Beechcraft Defense Company will highlight their commercial, special mission and defense products at the show, including:

  • Cessna Citation Latitude
  • Cessna Citation M2
  • Beechcraft King Air 350ER
  • Cessna Grand Caravan EX
  • Beechcraft T-6 Texan.

“We are excited to showcase our versatile product line at FIDAE this year, highlighting our jet and turboprop aircraft that continue to lead the Latin American market,” said Bob Gibbs, vice president of Sales, Latin America and Caribbean. “With over 2,600 Textron Aviation products in the region we are continuing to find innovative solutions for our customers and expand our service offerings.”

Making its show debut at this year’s FIDAE airshow is Textron Aviation’s most recently certified business jet – the Cessna Citation Latitude. With a range of 2,850 nautical miles, the Citation Latitude affords the most open, spacious, bright and refined cabin environment in the midsize category. Since entering the market two years ago, the Cessna Citation M2 has quickly become the best-selling business jet in its class, with over 100 aircraft delivered around the world.

With the industry’s broadest lineup of special mission platforms, Textron Aviation offers a full suite of products that fit a variety of mission profiles such as maritime patrol, air ambulance, float operations, training, utility transport and more. The King Air 350ER and Grand Caravan EX on display feature a unique set of interior configurations, highlighting the versatility of the Textron Aviation turboprop aircraft.

Beechcraft Defense offers a versatile lineup of military platforms including the Beechcraft T-6 Texan, the world-leading military flight trainer, and the Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine light attack aircraft, both backed by the industry’s most capable global service network.

Textron Systems

Textron Systems will exhibit its proven unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), advanced information solutions (AIS) and smart weapons systems designed to serve the needs of militaries, security forces and other customers around the globe.

In the area of UAS, Textron Systems will feature the expeditionary Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS), which offers proven multi-mission performance in both military and commercial land-and-sea based applications. The Aerosonde is also equipped for real-time, full-motion video and communications relay within a single flight, and offers dedicated space and power to integrate additional capabilities based on customer requirements.

In the area of AIS, Textron Systems will display the iCommand® Suite, which provides a real-time, cross-domain operational picture, along with touch-screen speed for contingency planning, decision making and asset management. Medina, a Windows based software product that provides sophisticated wireless telecommunications-based understanding by mining and analyzing user-collected commercial wireless communications network traffic and events, will also be on display. Additionally, Textron Systems’ IMPACT™ will be featured. Challenged by ever changing criminal and terrorist activities and an increasing quantity of data to manage, investigators rely on Advanced Information Solutions’ IMPACT solution to more easily collect, analyze and manage the data that supports their investigative analysis.

In the area of smart weapons, Textron Systems will exhibit its advanced G-CLAW™ and Fury® Precision Guided Munitions (PGM). The lightweight G-CLAW munition offers precision guidance through GPS-corrected navigation and Semi-Active Laser terminal guidance as well as flexible delivery options from a variety of aircraft systems and multi-mission employment options for land and sea targets. The Fury PGM delivers a precision strike capability against both soft targets and static or moving vehicles. The small, lightweight glide weapon is designed for carriage on multiple platforms. Fury utilizes Semi-Active Laser (SAL) seeker and GPS guidance, and is proven in testing to be accurate within one meter of a designated target.

Source: Textron Aviation.

A mark of success: Cessna delivered the 100th Cessna Citation M2 only two years after aircraft certification

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

Courtesy: Textron Aviation.

As Cessna Aircraft Company announced the roll out of the 100th Cessna Citation M2 last November at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, the airplane manufacturer has delivered last December the aircraft to Aviation Unmanned, a Dallas-based business that provides unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) consultation, training and commercial services.

The business jet has shown itself as a success since its project launch in 2011, this fact can be proved with the 100th aircraft delivery only two years after FAA certification.

“Since entering the market in December 2013, the Citation M2 has quickly become the best-selling business jet in its class,” said Kriya Shortt, senior vice-president, Sales and Marketing. “No comparable light jet can offer the M2’s combination of speed, range and payload, making it a great fit for customers in a wide variety of missions around the world.”

Bell Helicopter anuncia a certificação brasileira do interior executivo Mecaer VVIP para o Bell 429

Cortesia: Bell Helicopter.

Cortesia: Bell Helicopter.

A Bell Helicopter, empresa subsidiária da Textron Inc., anunciou que a Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) conseguiu a convalidação do interior VVIP para o Bell 429 junto a Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC).

O interior executivo VVIP chamado de “MAGnificent” pela empresa italiana MAG, foi originalmente certificado na agência europeia no início deste ano e continua buscando homologação junto às outras agências ao redor do mundo. O Brasil foi a primeira das seis homologações internacionais solicitadas em 2015.

“Há uma forte demanda pelo Bell 429 na América Latina, e agora nossos clientes se beneficiarão do novíssimo interior da MAG e também do sistema de atenuação de ruído incorporado,” disse Jay Ortiz, vice-presidente de vendas da Bell Helicopter na América Latina. “Estamos orgulhosos desta conquista e ansiosos para entregar esta aeronave para nossos clientes.”

Os clientes podem personalizar o interior da cabine MAGnificent do Bell 429 para uma variedade de configurações de assentos, e escolher entre uma vasta gama de tecidos italianos, cores e equipamentos opcionais. O interior MAG incorpora dois produtos proprietários: um sistema passivo de supressão de ruído chamado SILENS, e um sistema de entretenimento a bordo (I-FEEL), que fornece um sistema interativo touch-screen totalmente personalizável de entretenimento, comunicação e dados de voo.

O Bell 429 é um dos helicópteros biturbina leve mais avançados já desenvolvido, oferecendo uma suíte de aviônicos glass-cockpit totalmente integrada e capacidade single-pilot IFR. Características adicionais de segurança incluem controles de potência no comando coletivo, fuselagem e rotor resistentes a danos, e assentos com atenuação de impacto. É o primeiro helicóptero certificado para seguir o processo de manutenção MSG-3, resultando em menores custos de operação.

Fonte: Bell Helicopter.

Bell Helicopter delivers first Bell 407GXP in Brazil

Courtesy: Bell Helicopter.

Courtesy: Bell Helicopter.

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, announced today the delivery of the first Bell 407GXP to Brazil. The aircraft is outfitted for corporate transport, which continues to be a popular market segment for the Bell 407GXP throughout Latin America.

The aircraft was accepted at Bell Helicopter’s facility in Piney Flats, Tenn., by customer Masoud Jafari with Medalhao Persa based in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil and delivered to its final destination on September 3, 2015.

“We are thrilled to be the first in Brazil to receive the new Bell 407GXP,” said Masoud Jafari, owner and CEO of Medalhao Persa. “The luxurious interior, combined with the smooth, quiet performance of the aircraft is exactly what I was looking for to quickly and comfortably conduct business throughout the region.”

The Bell 407GXP is another example of Bell Helicopter’s continued investment in its current products to enhance customer value and increase mission capability. The Bell 407GXP is an upgrade to Bell Helicopter’s best-selling platform, the Bell 407, with added value through industry leading performance, payload capability and operating economics.

“Latin America presents a highly diversified climate for our aircraft, and the Bell 407GXP is consistently praised for its multi-mission capability,” said Jay Ortiz, Bell Helicopter’s vice president of Latin American sales. “The Bell 407 has proven to be a very popular aircraft with over 1,200 flying worldwide today, with particularly strong demand for the upgraded Bell 407GXP from our Latin American customer base.”

The Bell 407GXP is derived from the Bell 407GX platform with updates that provide an additional 50 lbs (22.5 kg) of payload capability, coupled with a new M250 Rolls-Royce engine that improves performance and fuel efficiency delivering class leading hot and high performance. The Bell 407GXP is also equipped with new avionics features such as hover performance calculator improvement, as well as transmission TBO extension of +500 hours that will lower maintenance costs.

Source: Bell Helicopter.