SAS takes off with biofuel in the tank

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

SAS is the only Scandinavian airline to be taking part in Avinor’s biofuel project at OSL, which from January 22 will ensure regular delivery of the most eco-friendly aircraft fuel. This will make OSL the first international airport where biofuel is available on a regular basis.

SAS is joined by KLM and Lufthansa in signing a purchase agreement with biofuel supplier Air BP. In doing so, these airlines are contributing to a demand that is necessary in order to encourage the production and delivery of this fuel, and they are helping to make bio jet fuel commercially viable. Biofuel is currently produced in small quantities and is more expensive than fossil jet fuel, but as demand increases, prices are expected to fall.

“When we invest in the latest aviation technology, it helps to reduce emissions that have an impact on the climate, but if we are to achieve a more rapid and large-scale reduction in the impact of aircraft on the climate, then the delivery of biofuel is the most important step to take,” says Eivind Roald, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at SAS. “That is why we are taking responsibility and making these investments, and so actively contributing to achieving sustainable aviation.”

SAS has, through the continuous renewal of its aircraft fleet and extensive climate efficiency work, both in the air and on the ground, succeeded in reducing the airline’s total CO2 emissions by around 15% since 2005. Over the same period, production has increased significantly.

As well as investing in biofuel, SAS also carries out the continuous renewal of its aircraft fleet. SAS was the first airline in Scandinavia to have only ‘next generation’ aircraft, from 2013, and the airline is now taking delivery of the most fuel-efficient aircraft for short haul and long haul, straight off the conveyor belt: Airbus 330 enhanced (from 2015), Airbus 320neo (from 2016), and later Airbus 350 extra wide body (from 2018).

Achieving society’s great expectations of a dramatic reduction in CO2emissions from aviation requires greater commitment from the government, with better provision for the local production of biofuel. We need a general climate and taxation policy that does not put a brake on development, but which takes into account the fact that aviation faces strong international competition with small financial margins.

“SAS has already set out its ambitions and drawn up its plans, having worked on biofuel projects for 15 years,” Eivind Roald says. “Through investment in biofuel at OSL, we are taking another important step towards more climate-friendly aviation in Scandinavia.”

Source: SAS.

SAS is opening two new routes from Miami

Courtesy: Airbus.

Courtesy: Airbus.

SAS is the first airline to serve Miami International Airport with direct routes to Oslo and Copenhagen with first flight to Copenhagen on September 28 and to Oslo September 29 2016. The year round routes will be served with an Airbus 330-300 redesigned with completely new and ultra modern cabins. Departures to Copenhagen are three times weekly Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and departures to Oslo are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The direct routes are strengthening SAS’ offer between US and Scandinavia; in 2016 SAS will offer 6,600 flights between the regions which is a total of 1.75 million seats – whereof 190,000 seats are offered between Miami and the two Scandinavian capitals.

– SAS is offering more direct frequencies to Scandinavia than any other airline, and we constantly make sure to give our customers an extraordinary good and joyful travel experience. Before and during the journey our customers can use various time saving digital solutions, fast track services and enjoy our personalized services in our lounges. On board our customers can enjoy the comfort of our new aircraft and redesigned cabins, which is part of SAS constant improvements to make life easier for the frequent traveler, said Executive Vice President and CCO, Eivind Roald, SAS.

From Oslo Airport travelers can reach Oslo downtown direct by high-speed train. Oslo offers a variety of historic, cultural and architectural experiences and Norway offers a true Scandinavian nature experience with fjords and mountains. From Copenhagen Airport travelers can reach downtown by train and metro within 15 minutes. The city is known for the development of new Nordic cuisine and various cultural and historical sites. Denmark offers sandy beaches and island hopping. Both destinations are also major cruise ports.

Travelers from Scandinavia to Miami can enjoy simple and quick access to and from the airport by metro, train and bus. Miami offers tropical climate and gorgeous beaches and is an attractive destination for travelers from Scandinavia and Northern Europe with high season in the winter and the summer holiday period. The city also has the largest cruise port in the world and at the same time Miami is a commercial center that attracts businesses from all over the world.

SAS offers a timetable adapted to departures and arrivals beyond Oslo to and from Norwegian and Scandinavian airports. Beyond Copenhagen Airport SAS offers a timetable adapted to departures and arrivals to and from Danish, Scandinavian and northern European airports.

SAS serves Scandinavia, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, from four cities in US – New York, Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco – and is adding three more cities in 2016. Besides Oslo and Copenhagen to Miami, SAS launches nonstop service from Los Angeles to Stockholm on March 14, and from Boston to Copenhagen on March 29.

The Miami routes ticket sale opens November 11 2015.

Timetable Miami-Copenhagen

From Miami: Departures Wednesday, Friday and Sunday SK954 3.50 pm arriving Copenhagen 7.10 am the day after.
From Copenhagen: Departures Monday, Thursday and Saturday SK953 9.35 am arriving Miami 1.50 pm.

Timetable Miami-Oslo

From Miami: Departures Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday SK956 3.50 pm arriving Oslo 7.05 am the day after.
From Oslo: Departures Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday SK955 9.40 am arriving Miami 1.50 pm.

Source: SAS.


SAS first in Europe to fly the new Airbus A330-300 Enhanced

Courtesy: Airbus.

Courtesy: Airbus.

SAS is the first European airline to fly the new long-haul Airbus A330-300 Enhanced. The first commercial flight leaves today from Copenhagen to Chicago. SAS continues to strengthen its intercontinental offering with new aircraft and the launch of new routes to destinations with high demand.

SAS’s thirteenth and newest long-haul aircraft, Tore Viking, is flying from Copenhagen to Chicago on Monday, September 21, with a departure time of 3.40pm. This is the first of four new A330-300 Enhanced that will be added to the SAS fleet over the next six months. Another aircraft will be delivered in September and the remaining two in 2016. From 2018, deliveries will also commence of SAS’s new Airbus A350-900. The new aircraft enable SAS to improve its offering to customers and to fly longer distances with lower fuel consumption.

“We are pleased to welcome our passengers on board our new A330-300 Enhanced. We are making significant investments in our fleet and at the same time launching new routes, giving us the strongest range of services to United States and Asia from Scandinavia. We are also lowering our fuel consumption as the new aircraft are delivered, which will help to reduce our fuel emissions,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS.

The materials and color scheme in the cabin of the new aircraft have been carefully chosen to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. All through the cabin, mood lighting provides a pleasant environment throughout the journey. The seats in SAS Go and SAS Plus are designed to provide good storage and create extra space. SAS Business has direct access to the aisle and seats that can be fully reclined into a bed position. The beds feature linen from Hästens, ensuring passengers sleep well. There is also a new in-flight entertainment system throughout the cabin, offering HD screens and wireless Internet access. SAS is also updating its existing long-haul aircraft with the same new cabin interior in 2015 and 2016.

“We have received very good feedback on the new cabin from our passengers, who have praised the new seats and in-flight entertainment system. Frequent travelers in Scandinavia have high expectations when they travel, which is why we are constantly developing our offering to best meet their needs,” says Rickard Gustafson.

The first new A330-300 Enhanced will the first month operate the route between Copenhagen and Chicago and will then fly from Stockholm to Hong Kong and Chicago.

On September 10, SAS launched a new route between Stockholm and Hong Kong, and in March 2016 SAS will be launching a new route between Stockholm and Los Angeles. In the fall of 2016, the new route to Miami from Oslo and Copenhagen will begin operating.

Source: SAS.

SAS introduces double daily departure to New York

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

From the start of the SAS winter program in late October, SAS will fly twice daily to New York from Copenhagen to further reinforce its position as the number one Scandinavian carrier:

“SAS is by far the largest and most dedicated airline serving Scandinavia and the USA. We are delighted to be able to offer this evening departure that is particularly appealing to travelers wanting to spend a full day in Copenhagen or New York before flying. People traveling for business purposes often prefer this timetable,” says Eivind Roald, Executive Vice President Commercial at SAS.

SAS is currently servicing Copenhagen-New York with a daily mid-day departure. The new SAS flight will also depart daily – except Tuesdays – at 18.25 from Copenhagen and return from New York at 22.55. Tickets go on sale on 16 September.

SAS will continue these double daily New York flights next year and so offer more than 60,000 extra seats between New York and Copenhagen in 2016, which corresponds to approximately 25 % increase.

Closure of oil route

As a consequence of reduced activity in the oil industry, SAS has experienced a severe decrease in demand and thus passenger loads on the Stavanger Houston route. Hence, SAS no longer has sound commercial grounds for continuing this niche route.

“The oil route came out of creative and constructive product development between SAS and our core clients in the oil industry. We have done all we can to make it viable, however, we have had to accept that the downturn in the industry unfortunately is also impacting us, hence our decision to switch the aircraft to Copenhagen-New York, where the market offers far more potential right now,” says Eivind Roald.

The last flight from Stavanger will depart on 23 October returning in Stavanger on 24 October. SAS will do its utmost to make alternative arrangements for all customers who have flight bookings after these dates.

“I am naturally sad to disappoint our customers who have been loyal users of the route and who will no longer be able to fly directly between these two destinations,” says Roald.

SAS will increase its capacity with approximately 20% from Stavanger to Copenhagen by switching aircraft type from CRJ900 to Airbus 320 and 321 on several departures.

Product and timetable

The route is operated by PrivatAir on behalf of SAS with a Boeing 737 that up until the end of the year will be configured with Business seats only, 44 seats. The aircraft will then be reconfigured with 20 Business seats and 66 Go seats. The service will correspond to a full SAS inflight product to overseas destinations except with an iPad entertainment system.

Departures daily from Copenhagen (CPH) except Tuesdays at 18.25 arriving New York (EWR) 21.35.

Departures daily from New York (EWR) except Tuesdays at 22.55 arriving Copenhagen (CPH) 12.45 (next day).

Source: SAS.

SAS expands with new direct routes to USA

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

SAS is expanding and opening three new direct routes to USA in 2016. The new routes being launched are Los Angeles from Stockholm, Miami from Oslo and Miami from Copenhagen. SAS is also increasing the number of departures from Stockholm to New York and Chicago and between Copenhagen and Shanghai. That means that SAS will now offer over 330,000 additional seats on its intercontinental routes in 2016.

SAS is investing in the future and strengthening its offer to Scandinavia’s frequent flyers. In line with already published plans to expand its long haul fleet, SAS is today announcing three new direct routes; Los Angeles from Stockholm, Miami from Oslo and Miami from Copenhagen.

“We know that our frequent flyers want flexible travel with a good timetable and daily departures. These new direct routes together with the renewal of our long haul fleet and our broad network, mean we have far and away the strongest offer between Scandinavia and the USA. We are looking forward to offering our customers new travel opportunities and giving them a warm welcome onboard our aircraft,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS.

Los Angeles is a popular destination for Scandinavian travelers wishing to visit Southern California or onwards to destinations such as Hawaii. The first flight to Los Angeles will leave on 14 March and SAS will have daily departures from Stockholm to Los Angeles throughout the summer season and five-six departures a week in the winter season.

Miami is an attractive destination for Scandinavian travelers, especially in the winter months. Miami is also a large hub for traffic to Caribbean and Latin America. Furthermore Miami is also the number one cruise liner port in the world and an important trade center. The first flights to Miami are expected to lift off in fall 2016 and the Miami route will have a daily departure from Scandinavia.

Timetable Stockholm Arlanda – Los Angeles

Daily departures from Arlanda (SK933) at 09.50 arriving in Los Angeles 12.15.

Daily departures from Los Angeles (SK934) at 14.15 arriving at Arlanda 10.00.

Timetable Copenhagen – Miami

Departures Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Copenhagen (SK953) 09.30 arriving in Miami 13.50.

Departures Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Miami (SK954) 15.50 arriving in Copenhagen 07.10.

Timetable Oslo – Miami

Departures Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Oslo(SK955) 09.35 arriving in Miami 13.50.

Departures Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Miami (SK956) 15.50 arriving in Oslo 07.05.

Tickets to Los Angeles will go on sale on 20 August and as an opening offer there will be tickets from EUR549. Tickets to Miami will be available later this fall.

New direct routes to USA and Asia 2015/2016

  • Stockholm – Hong Kong, September 2015
  • Stockholm – Los Angeles, March 2016
  • Oslo – Miami, during fall 2016
  • Copenhagen – Miami, during fall 2016

Increased frequencies on existing long haul flights

In addition to the new routes, SAS is increasing the frequency of its long haul routes starting with the winter program. SAS will then offer daily flights on the following routes:

  • Copenhagen – Shanghai (two additional departures each week)
  • Stockholm – Chicago (one additional departure each week)
  • Stockholm – New York (one additional departure each week)
  • Oslo – New York (one additional departure each week)
  • Copenhagen – San Francisco (one additional departure each week)

These new long haul routes and additional departures mean SAS will now offer its customers over 330,000 more seats on its intercontinental routes in 2016. SAS currently offers long haul flights from Scandinavia to New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Source: SAS.

Expansion: SAS increases flights to USA and Asia

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

To meet increased demand for flights to USA and Asia, SAS is increasing the number of departures to seven a week from Stockholm to Chicago and seven a week from Copenhagen to Shanghai. The new departures are part of the SAS plan to expand its long haul fleet network that also includes opening all-new routes.

Earlier this year, SAS announced additional departures from Oslo and Stockholm to New York and from Copenhagen to San Francisco.

SAS now announces three additional weekly departures – two extra flights to Shanghai and one more to Chicago. This means a daily service is now available on both routes. The improved services will coincide with the opening of the winter traffic program in late October and means that in winter 2015/16, SAS will offer 108 weekly departures between Scandinavia and the USA and 50 weekly departures between Scandinavia and Asia.

“The Scandinavian market is demanding flexible travels with good schedules and frequent departures. These new departures together with our upgraded long haul fleet and extensive network mean we have an incredibly strong service offer to both the USA and Asia that we intend to further strengthen in the near future. We look forward to offering our customers new travel opportunities and giving them a warm welcome aboard both our new aircraft and aircraft with our new cabins,” says SAS President and CEO Rickard Gustafson, SAS.

In June, SAS announced plans to expand its long haul fleet. The first phase of expansion will enable extra flights to Shanghai and Chicago, and the full expansion plan will be announced as soon as possible.

The new departures from Copenhagen to Shanghai will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. The new departures from Shanghai to Copenhagen will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. The new departure from Stockholm to Chicago and return will be on Sunday.

As of the start of the winter traffic program on 26 October 2015, the below five routes will all be upgraded to daily year-round service:

  • Copenhagen – Shanghai
  • Copenhagen – San Francisco
  • Stockholm – Chicago
  • Stockholm – New York
  • Oslo – New York

SAS offers long haul flights from Scandinavia to New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. In September 2015, SAS will open a new route from Stockholm to Hong Kong.

Source: SAS.

Winter program: Over half a million more SAS seats

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

SAS continues to open new direct routes from Scandinavian airports. In its 2015/2016 winter program, SAS is launching several all-new routes, continuing a number of its most attractive summer destinations and increasing the number of departures on popular routes.  SAS is also increasing the number of departures between Copenhagen and San Francisco with daily flights to San Francisco.

The SAS winter program will gradually come into force from late October. The new routes will give SAS passengers new holiday opportunities to fly to big cities and ski resorts. SAS customers can look forward to being able to take a direct flight from Oslo to Vilnius four times a week, from Bergen to Warsaw over Christmas and New Year and from Stockholm to Munich in the ski season.

More seats to popular destinations
In addition to these new flights, several summer program routes will be continued over the winter. This includes Stockholm to Budapest, Malta and Faro and from Copenhagen to Barcelona. Over Christmas and New Year, SAS will offer the biggest ever number of seats from Scandinavia to Southern Europe.

“At SAS we are continuously looking to improve what we offer our customers. Last winter we saw a big interest in our holiday destinations. As such, we are delighted to be able to offer even more winter destinations next season and at the same time, increase the number of departures on popular routes,” said Eivind Roald, Vice President Sales & Marketing at SAS.

In addition to the holiday routes, SAS is also increasing the number of departures on key routes for business travelers. Flights from Copenhagen and Stockholm to Manchester are being increased by a daily departure. SAS will be offering a better afternoon timetable from Oslo to Bergen and up to 18 daily departures.

More long-haul services
SAS will yet again increase the frequency of departures this winter and increase the number of flights from Copenhagen to San Francisco. Which means SAS will have daily flights to San Francisco.

“Thanks to big demand for SAS flights to the USA, we can now make our customers even happier by offering daily flights to San Francisco from Copenhagen this winter. With 106 weekly departures to and from five destinations in the USA and our all new cabins, that have been given a tremendous reception by passengers, SAS has the most powerful offering between Scandinavia and the USA,” Roald explained.

Increased capacity to London
The SAS winter flights program also includes larger aircraft on its existing routes from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo to London Heathrow. The Gothenburg-London route will also switch from Heathrow to Stansted Airport. In total, SAS is increasing capacity from Scandinavia to London by over 50,000 extra seats.

The new routes and greater frequencies mean that the SAS winter program will offer customers over half a million more seats during the coming winter season than last year.

SAS has opened a total of 13 new routes in 2015 and is also set to launch several more new routes.

Tickets for the winter flights program go on sale on Tuesday 2 June.

New routes from Norway
Oslo-Vilnius from 29 October (departures Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
Bergen-Warsaw from 18 December to 6 January (departing 18, 19 December, 3, 6 January)

New routes from Sweden
Stockholm-Munich from 5 February to 25 March, (departures Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Increased frequencies
The number of departures is being increased from Stockholm to Manchester, Las Palmas, Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Prague and Nice. The summer routes from Stockholm to Budapest, Malta and Faro will become winter routes. In addition, the summer routes from Stockholm to Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Alicante will now become year round routes.

The number of departures from Oslo to Bergen, Las Palmas, Nice, Malaga and Alicante will be increased.

From Copenhagen, the number of departures to, Manchester, Palma de Mallorca, Las Palmas, Rome, Nice, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest and Barcelona will be increased. The summer route from Copenhagen to Alicante will become a new winter route over Christmas and New Year. SAS is adding an extra departure on its Copenhagen to San Francisco route, which will now fly daily.

Source: SAS.