SAS lounge in New York larger and in a new design

Courtesy: SAS.

Scandinavian Airlines continues to invest in its SAS Lounges and have now opened the newly renovated lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport (terminal B). The 100 sqm larger lounge creates an exclusive space for SAS travelers to relax or work in front of their flight.

The lounge (440 sqm) can now host more travelers and is designed with Scandinavian furniture and material. Some of the lounges new improvements include the new serving area with a wide range of cold and hot dishes, which are served throughout the day, a wide selection of magazines, a secluded guest work space, more outlets and more charging stations as well as free WiFi, check-in and reservations assistance etc.

Courtesy: SAS.

“We are pleased to be able to welcome more travelers to our new lounge in New York, where we fly directly to and from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. We have in recent years launched several new destinations between Scandinavia and the United States, and next up is Miami from Stockholm, which opens in October, says Max Knagge, head of SAS USA.

In addition to New York, SAS is flying directly from Scandinavia to Washington, Chicago, Miami, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the United States. Through the Star Alliance, which recently turned 20 years old, offers additional more than 18 400 flights per day to 1 300 airports in 191 countries.

Source: SAS.

SAS takes delivery of its first A320neo

Courtesy: Airbus.

Courtesy: Airbus.

Scandinavia’s leading carrier becomes operator of world’s most fuel efficient single aisle

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), has taken delivery of its first of 30 A320neo aircraft ordered, becoming the first Arline in Scandinavia to operate the world’s most fuel efficient single aisle aircraft.

SAS ordered the A320neo as part of its strategy to modernize its fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft, reducing environmental impact such as emissions and aircraft noise. The A320neo will join SAS’s existing Airbus fleet of 25 A320 Family aircraft, eight A330s and eight A340s.

SAS’s A320neo is configured in a comfortable single class layout with 174 seats. The aircraft is powered by CFM International LEAP-1A engines and will be deployed on short to medium-haul routes from its Scandinavian home bases to destinations throughout Europe.

The A320 Family is the world’s best-selling single aisle product line with more than 12,750 orders since launch and more than 7,200 aircraft delivered to more than 300 operators worldwide. The A320neo Family incorporates latest technologies including new generation engines and Sharklet wing tip devices, which together deliver more than 15 percent in fuel savings from day one and 20 percent by 2020.

Source: Airbus.

Summer Program: SAS opens 15 new routes

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

SAS is continuing to expand and strengthen its holiday destination offer to Scandinavian frequent flyers. When the 2017 summer program starts, SAS will open six new all year routes from Scandinavia. SAS is also increasing flights to Spain, Portugal and Croatia, adding over 330,000 seats in its summer program. Altogether, SAS will open 15 new routes in its summer program.

The first of SAS 30 new Airbus A320neo’s with 15 % less fuel consumption will be operating from October 26th.

Today is the first day of sales for the SAS summer program 2017 that will gradually be introduced into in late March. In the summer program, SAS is introducing six new all year routes to popular European destinations for both business and holiday travelers from Scandinavia. The new all year routes are Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands and Riga, from Aalborg to Oslo, from Bergen to Gdansk and from Stockholm to Munich and Krakow.

“SAS has more departures and destinations than any other Scandinavian airline and we are continuously improving our offer to our customers. The way we do this includes opening new routes, offering all new cabins, fast track, lounges plus we are about to take delivery of our first new Airbus A320neo,” Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS says.

330,000 more seats to Spain, Portugal and Croatia

In addition to these new all year routes, SAS is also increasing the number of seats and departures to main destinations in Southern Europe in the high season. This means that SAS will have 1,800 more flights to Spain, Portugal and Croatia and 330,000 more seats. For example SAS will increase departures to popular destinations such as Malaga, Barcelona, Alicante and Palma in Spain.

At the same time, SAS is opening nine new summer season routes from Scandinavia to popular holiday destinations in Southern Europe. SAS customers can look forward to new routes from Copenhagen to Malta and Olbia; from Aarhus to Malaga; from Oslo to Pristina; from Stavanger to Nice; from Kristiansand to Malaga and from Stockholm to Lisbon, Shannon and Pristina.

“We know that our frequent flyers also prefer us when they go on holiday. This is why we have very successfully strengthened what we offer to popular holiday destinations in recent years, something we will continue to do,” Gustafson says.

SAS is opening a total of fifteen new routes from Scandinavia to European destinations in its 2017 summer program.



All year routes
Copenhagen-Faroe Islands: First departure 26 March 2017, daily
Copenhagen-Riga: First departure 26 March 2017, twice daily except Saturdays
Aalborg-Oslo: First departure 26 March, daily except Mondays and Saturdays

Summer high season routes
Copenhagen-Malta: from 25 June – 13 August, departures Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Copenhagen-Olbia: From 24 June – 5 August, departures Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Aarhus-Malaga: From 2 July – 6 August, departures Sundays.


All year routes
Oslo-Aalborg: first departure 26 March 2017, daily except Mondays and Saturdays
Bergen-Gdansk, first departure 29 March, departures Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

Summer routes
Oslo-Pristina: 4 August – 2 September, 10 roundtrips on selective dates
Stavanger-Nice: 24 June 17 – 5 Aug 17, departures Saturdays
Kristiansand-Malaga: 05 july – 9 August, departures Wednesday


All year routes
Stockholm-Munich: First departure 26 March 2017, daily except Fridays
Stockholm-Krakow: First departure 26 March 2017, departures Thursdays and Sundays

Summer routes
Stockholm-Lisbon: 25 June–06 August 2017, departures Thursdays and Sundays
Stockholm-Shannon: 1 August –7 October  2017, departures Tuesdays and Saturdays
Stockholm-Pristina: 1 August –26 August 2017, eight roundtrips on selective dates

Source: SAS.

SAS celebrates 70 years in the sky

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

August 1, 1946 was the starting point for Scandinavia’s preferred airline through the merger of the Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish international airline operations. On September 17 of the same year, 28 specially invited guests gathered for the inaugural flight with SAS’ new DC-4 “Dan Viking” from Stockholm to New York. The journey took 25 hours with intermediate landings in Copenhagen, Prestwick in Scotland and Gander on Newfoundland. The true history of SAS had begun.

“The anniversary marks SAS’s position as Scandinavia’s preferred airline, focusing on making life easy for travelers to, from, and within Scandinavia. I am grateful to each and every passenger and employee that has contributed to SAS’ 70 year long history and our future to come. We’ve been part of seventy years of unique travel stories, and there are many more to come“, says Rickard Gustafson, CEO and Group President, SAS.

Pioneers in the sky – then, now and in the future 

Through the decades, SAS has launched the world’s first around-the-world service, in-flight entertainment system, tourist class and sleeper seats. SAS was the first airline to offer separate check-in and lounges, and we hired the first female commercial pilot. SAS was also first to implement green approaches, saving aircraft fuel and reducing emissions. These historic examples have paved the way to where we stand today, focusing on making life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers.

“We want to make life easier for frequent travelers to, from, and within Scandinavia, and we are continuously working on innovation and development to ensure that our customers have a seamless journey, with smart, digital solutions. If we continue to show our frequent travelers that we do actually make life easier, SAS will still be vital in the future for those of us who live, work, and travel in this part of the world.” says Rickard Gustafson.

New and smart digital solutions
SAS is currently investing in new innovations and smart digital solutions to make travel an easier, faster and more personal experience. Making life easier involves features like upgraded SAS Lounges, new SAS Café Lounges as well as Fast Track. SAS loyalty & frequent flyer program, EuroBonus, was founded in 1992 and now has more than 4.5 million members. EuroBonus  members can accumulate points on flights, hotel stays, car rentals and even on everyday purchases. The points can be redeemed at either SAS or our many partners.

SAS Labs is developing some radical new ideas and innovations for the future of travel; from airplane boarding passes contained under your skin to smart and personalized luggage tags. This autumn, all of our cabin crew will be equipped with Cabin Crew Devices. These iPad Minis will make their work easier, as well as giving them the opportunity to give SAS travelers even better service. The devices will make it possible to check such things as the status of luggage transfers, flight connections and EuroBonus membership information.

Sustainability and expansion
SAS environmental vision is to be a part of long-term sustainable society. We believe that it should be possible to fly with no fossil fuel CO2 emissions by 2050. Some of  SAS main focus areas are biofuel, fuel efficiency measurements, green flights, and a new more fuel-efficient fleet.

During the last few years SAS has invested in the largest intercontinental expansion in the company’s history to and from USA and Asia. All with SAS new upgraded cabin. In the past twelve months SAS has opened new direct routes from Scandinavia to cities such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Boston and will be opening a direct route from both Copenhagen and Oslo to Miami in September. September is also the month SAS will celebrate the first flight between Scandinavia and the US.

Source: SAS.

SAS increases capacity by almost half a million seats during the winter season

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

Focusing on direct routes to popular destinations, SAS’s 2016/2017 Winter Program will open up 470,000 more seats to travelers in Scandinavia than last year, and will see an increase in flight frequency on selected domestic and European routes.

When the SAS Winter Program is rolled out at the end of October, travelers in Scandinavia will have access to a broader range of departures to popular destinations domestically, within Scandinavia and in Europe.

“We are always working to improve the offering we deliver to our customers. In addition to flying to popular winter vacation destinations and continuing to invest our energies on Asia and the USA, we are now also increasing the number of departures on popular routes,” says Evind Roald, Commercial Director at SAS.

More flights from Stockholm and more seats on Danish flights

Increased demand on the Swedish market means that Kiruna and Amsterdam will now receive three daily flights from Stockholm instead of two. SAS is adding a further daily departure to Helsinki, bringing the total to nine a day, whilst the direct route to Trondheim is set to be increased from one to two daily departures.

Travelers on domestic flights within Denmark will have access to an additional 38,000 seats. The bulk of this increase will be on the Copenhagen-Ålborg route. In addition to the new direct route to Miami, which will be launched in September, more flights are set to be added to the company’s Krakow, Vienna, Reykjavik and Faro routes, making them year-round destinations from Copenhagen. In addition, SAS will also continue to offer a fourth daily departure between Copenhagen and Stuttgart.

SAS strengthens its offering and capacity to North Norway

The increasing number of tourists looking to enjoy winter activities and the spectacle of the Northern Lights in North Noway has seen SAS take the step of further strengthening its offering to Tromsö, Bodö and Svalbard during this coldest part of the year. In total, capacity on flights between Oslo and North Norway will increase by around 90,000 seats. The number of departures on the Stockholm-Tromsö route will increase from two to four during the midwinter period.

In addition, the number of daily departures from Oslo to Helsinki will also increase, going from the current two to three. Furthermore, the Oslo-Rome route will also benefit from flights year-round.

130,000 more seats on flights to the USA and Asia

Following the introduction of the Winter Program, SAS will have launched a number of new year-round routes during 2016, including Copenhagen to Boston, Miami, Reykjavik, Vienna, Krakow and Faro, Oslo to Miami, and Stockholm to Los Angeles and Gdansk.

The investment in the new cabin layout of SAS aircraft, as well as the overhaul of the entire SAS long haul fleet, has now been completed. This will see the number of seats available on flights to the USA and Asia this fall increase by 17 percent (130,000 seats). This means that, from the latter part of the year onwards, SAS will be able to offer long haul services from Scandinavia to Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Source: SAS.

SAS ready for take-off to Los Angeles

Courtesy: Airbus.

Courtesy: Airbus.

Today, SAS’ very first flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles takes off. It is SAS’ 8th direct route to the US and a part of the airline’s major long distance investment. The route Copenhagen – Boston will start up in the end of March and in September SAS will start operating to Miami from both Copenhagen and Oslo. SAS’ new long haul cabins have received excellent reviews from the customers, and include features such as a new entertainment system and Wi-Fi in all classes.

SAS has a history with California. The first route between Scandinavia and Los Angeles started up back in 1954 – as the first airline ever to cross the Polar area. This was made possible thanks to SAS’ own navigation technology, which also shortened the distance by some 1000 kilometers. Competitors didn’t catch up until five years later, which meant that SAS during a long time were of great importance especially to those who worked within the film industry and travelled between the US and Europe.

– It means a lot to be able to re-introduce our historical route to Los Angeles. With the startup of the route Stockholm – Los Angeles with daily departures, we are once again connecting two highly dynamic and innovative regions in the world, says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO at SAS.

Brand new cabins are a part of SAS’ investment in the long distance fleet. Eight existing planes have been completely rebuilt, and two brand new planes were introduced in the fall of 2015. In the new cabin, material and color choices have been selected to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The seats in SAS Go and SAS Plus are designed with generous storage which creates extra space. In SAS Business, all seats have direct access to the mid-aisle and the seats are also completely foldable to bed position. The beds in SAS Business are dressed with bed clothes from Hästens. In the entire cabin there is a new entertainment system with HD screens and a wireless internet connection.

– SAS probably has the best Business class offered between Europe and the US at the moment. Our customers are very satisfied with everything from the seats and the entertainment to the WiFi and the design, and our new service concept has received excellent reviews. We are happy to see our investments paying off in such a great way, which also has been demonstrated by SAS recently being elected to Best Intercont airline at the travel business’ equivalent to the Oscars, says Rickard Gustafson.

SAS currently operates on long-haul destinations from Scandinavia to New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Later during 2016, SAS will start up routes from Scandinavia to Boston and Miami.

Time table Arlanda – Los Angeles

Departures daily from Arlanda with SK939 at 9:50 AM, arriving in Los Angeles at 12:15 PM.

Depratures daily from Los Angeles with SK940 at 2:15 PM, arriving at Arlanda at 10:00 AM.

Source: SAS.

SAS opens new Boston route today

Courtesy: SAS.

Courtesy: SAS.

Today, SAS will be opening its ninth direct route to the USA, taking the number of flights operated by the company each year between Scandinavia and the USA to 6,800, carrying some 1.6 million passengers. This new development further strengthens SAS’s position as the airline with the most robust offering from Scandinavia to North America.

As part of a major expansion of its long haul routes, SAS is today announcing the launch of a year-round service from Copenhagen to Boston with daily departures. SAS is the first airline to fly direct to Boston from Scandinavia.

The company recently cut the ribbon on a new route from Stockholm to Los Angeles, and will start flying to Miami in September. SAS already operates services between Scandinavia and New York, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco.

In this way, SAS will continue to strengthen its offering to frequent flyers travelling between the USA and Scandinavia. During 2016, SAS is set to operate around 500 flights between Boston and Copenhagen alone, bringing the company’s total number of flights between Scandinavia and the USA to 6,800 or 1.6 million seats.

“We are the airline with the most robust offering for people looking to travel between Scandinavia and the USA. Our North American long-haul route expansion underlines this fact. Copenhagen-Boston is our ninth route, which, together with the new routes from Copenhagen and Oslo to Miami, will bring us to 11 USA services by September. Our focus is on making life simpler for frequent flyers, a group of people who are increasingly demanding direct and flexible options for travel to the USA,” says SAS Group CEO Rickard Gustafson.

The Copenhagen-Boston route is aimed at both leisure and business travelers, and has been designed to meet the rising demand for direct and daily departures shown by companies in the hi-tech, finance and medical sectors, as well as institutes of higher education. SAS expects to see a significant proportion of travelers to and from the rest of Scandinavia using Copenhagen Airport as a seamless transit hub.

Initially a Boeing 737-800 with 92 seats will operate the route. After a short while a Boeing 737-700 will be used, with space for 86 passengers, 20 of which will be Business class whilst 66 will be Go class seats. The route will be operated by PrivatAir using an SAS livery plane with a new cabin configuration. Departure and arrival times for the route have been set so that they fit in with connections to and from Copenhagen and other central airports in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, including Brussels, Hannover and Düsseldorf.

Timetable – Copenhagen-Boston:

From Copenhagen: Daily departure on SK927 at 12.50 pm, arriving in Boston at 3.20 pm

From Boston: Daily departure on SK928 at 5.30 pm, arriving the following day at 7.00 am

Source: SAS.