LOT Polish Airlines to connect Los Angeles with Central and Eastern Europe

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

In the beginning of April, 2017, LOT Polish Airlines will launch its new nonstop service from Los Angeles to Warsaw. The Polish flag carrier will operate its flights with state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliners four times a week. This is the very first direct connection from the West Coast to Poland. Because of its advanced European network, LOT Polish Airlines bring the most comfortable and convenient alternative for travel to dozens of destinations, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

LOT’s Dreamliners will fly from Los Angeles on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. These flight to Warsaw will take less than 12 hours. They enable LOT to ensure the shortest trip from the West Coast of the US to many destinations in Poland and other countries in the Eastern and Central Europe. Ticket are now available.

“We are going to launch the first direct flight from the Eastern and Central Europe to Los Angeles, one of major and most famous cities in the US. I am certain that California is not only a perfect vacation destination but also a business center that has been steadily gaining in importance. On the other hand, there are many people living near Los Angeles who come from the Central and Eastern Europe, as well as people conducting business in Europe. I have good news for them. They no longer have to change planes at crowded Western European hubs with our excellent alternative” – says Rafał Milczarski, LOT’s CEO.

Thanks to direct flights between Los Angeles and Warsaw passengers travelling by LOT will have access to an extensive network of flights operated by the Polish carrier.

“LOT is a rising airline star in Europe, offering the shortest and the most comfortable connections via Warsaw to dozens of cities in Europe. It means only two hours transfer time to destinations such as Prague, Budapest, Vilnius or even London or Stockholm, as well as great connectivity to major Polish cities, such Wrocław, Poznań, Rzeszów or Katowice. We fly one of the youngest fleets in Europe; our crew and our hub in Warsaw is one of the most comfortable and passengers’ friendly in Europe. Newark is no longer a missing link in our route network. Our return to that destination makes us an attractive airline to numerous passengers who have not relied on our services yet” – adds R. Milczarski.

The flights to Los Angeles will be operated exclusively by Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the most modern aircraft in the world. Thanks to an advanced technology they allow much higher cabin pressure and humidity, and are much more spacious. All those factors help enhance passengers’ comfort during a long flight and reduce the so-called jet lag effect.

There are three travel classes offered on Dreamliners: LOT Business Class, LOT Premium Class and LOT Economy Class. In Business Class, 18 seats recline to one of the biggest airline beds in the market. Restaurant-quality meals are offered and served to passengers on an individual basis using top-quality dinner sets, with a broad selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

LOT’s Premium Economy class offers 21 spacious seats, all equipped with armrests, footrests and leg rests. Thanks to the seats’ improved back rest deflexion, passengers can feel comfortable and take a rest even on a long flight. Also in this class a sumptuous menu is served, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Compared to other planes, Dreamliners offer the LOT Economy class passengers much greater private space to enjoy. Seats fold forward without taking foot space, they are also equipped with footrests. Each passenger is offered a personalized onboard entertainment system equipped with USB. In the Economy Class passengers are also served free, hot and diversified meals and offer a broad selection of beverages.

Los Angeles will be the eighth long-haul connection in LOT’s network and its fifth destination in North America. The announcement of the inauguration of the flights to the West Coast of the US is another stage of the implementation of LOT’s profitable growth strategy. In 2016 alone LOT has announced and launched 24 new flights, including the recently announced connection to Newark, New Jersey, in the US and the connection to Seoul scheduled to be inaugurated on 17 October.

Source: LOT.

LOT will fly from Newark to Warsaw

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

On October 4, 2016, LOT will launch ticket sales for new direct flights to and from Newark, beginning April 28, 2017. Flights to Warsaw are to be operated at first three and later four times a week, giving passengers the best access to Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe.

The Newark-Warsaw flights are scheduled for Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. As of June, a Tuesday flight will be added.

“Newark is one of the most important airports to the Polish diaspora on the east coast of the United States. I am pleased that we are able to relaunch that route after a break lasting several years, ensuring our fellow countrymen the most comfortable flights to Poland” – says Rafał Milczarski, CEO of PLL LOT.

Newark passengers traveling by LOT will have access to an extensive network of flights to other US destinations, as well as destinations across Central and Eastern Europe.

“LOT offers the shortest and the most comfortable connections via Warsaw to dozens of cities in Europe. It means only 2 hours transfer time to destinations such Moscow, Prague, Budapest and Vilnius, and great connectivity to major Polish cities, such as Gdańsk or Kraków. We fly one of the youngest fleet in Europe; our crew is professional and hospitable and our hub in Warsaw is one of the most comfortable and passenger friendly in Europe. Newark is no longer a missing link in our route network. Our return to that destination makes us an attractive airline to numerous passengers who have not relied on our services yet”- adds R. Milczarski.

The Newark-Warsaw flights will be initially operated by the leased Boeing 767-300 in two travel classes: Business Class and Economy class. Beginning in August the route will be operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner with a three-class configuration: LOT Business Class, LOT Premium Economy and LOT Economy.

Together with Newark, LOT will continue to operate flights to JFK. In fact, this year for the first time LOT will fly to JFK daily even in winter season. In total LOT will offer up to 2 connections to New York area almost every day.

The announcement of the connection to Newark is part of LOT’s profitable growth strategy that the airline has been implementing since early 2016. The Polish airline has launched 23 new connections in total, including the first direct Warsaw-Seoul flight to be inaugurated on 17 October.

Source: LOT.

LOT: Daily flights to New York and Chicago even in the winter

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

To date, LOT has operated daily flights to Chicago and New York only in the summer period. However, LOT flights to U.S. onboard LOT’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, the Polish national carrier decided to increase the number of operations and offer daily flights to New York and Chicago in the coming winter season. LOT will fly to Toronto up to 6 times a week, depending on the month, and will continue its operations daily during the Christmas and New Year period.

“Our airline grows thanks not only to new connections but also to the increased number of flights on the most popular routes. We are glad that we will be able to offer our passengers even more flights to New York, Chicago and Toronto in the coming winter. We know how important is the flexibility in choosing the date of a flight, especially in the case of business travel. Therefore, we will make it possible for our passengers to fly to North America from anywhere in Europe nearly every day”- says Adrian Kubicki, Director of the Corporate Communication Office.

The schedule of flights to the U.S. and Canada was designed in a way to offer convenient flights not only to passengers from Warsaw but also to those from other cities in Poland and Europe. In the case of many European cities, the connecting time at LOT’s hub at the Warsaw Chopin Airport for Atlantic flights is less than an hour.

All LOT flights to U.S. will be operated by the world’s most modern plane – Boeing 787 Dreamliner, offering three classes of travel – LOT Economy, LOT Premium and LOT Business Class. Business-class passengers have at their disposal 18 passengers seats in a spacious cabin, which guarantees privacy and more space for rest. Each seat in this class reclines into a lie-flat bed. Moreover, passengers flying business class are offered high-class dishes as well as a wide selection of drinks and personal service. LOT Premium class passengers, too, have more space at their disposal, with modern seats equipped with wide headrests and support for arms and legs, and are offered carefully composed dishes served on elegant tableware. Passengers flying LOT Economy Class are able to travel comfortably thanks to comfortable seats equipped with LED screens and USB ports. They are also offered a selection of fresh meals and tasty snacks.

The increase in the number of flights to North America is the next stage in the dynamic growth of the airline. This year LOT has launched flights on a total of 22 new routes, including long-haul flights to Tokyo. In October the airline will launch a long-haul route between Warsaw and Seoul.

Source: LOT.

LOT: New seats, more space and modern lighting – first retrofitted Boeing 737 has already taken off

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

Already on June 27th, modernised Boeing 737-400 had its first flight with passengers on board heading for London. Hence, the first LOT clients were able to check out how comfortable the new Boeing interior can be. Among other things, new leather seats were installed on the plane along with modern LED lighting with mood-lighting modes and refreshed cabin interior elements.

SP-LLG Boeing 737 is the first of three aircrafts of that type to undergo a complete D type overhaul and modernisation, and, as a result, it now has unique modern interior. The aircraft has already been used on regular routes operated by LOT to destinations such as London, Tel-Aviv or Madrid.

Post-retrofit solutions include an innovative lighting LED system with modes changing the light and colour intensity adjusted to the time of the day which are also used in the state-of-the-art aircrafts, Dreamliners. Also, the new seats can be found on other airlines’ wide-fuselage planes servicing the longest routes.

Their light and slender structure allow to increase the space available for each passenger. Despite the replacement of the seats with less thicker ones, LOT did not decide to boost seating capacity.

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

“On our Boeing 737, we still offer 162 seats even though some other carriers are capable of squeezing as many as 180. To us, passenger comfort is foremost. We want to ensure that passengers feel the most comfortable regardless of whether they have been on a few hours’ flight from London on board of Boeing 737 or ten hours’ flight to Seoul on board of Dreamliner”- says Krzysztof Moczulski, Director of Product and Customer Experience Bureau.

Each seat is now equipped with a universal electronic socket that allows passengers to freely use their mobile devices or computers during the flight. Moreover, the cabin’s interior now looks modern thanks to completely new accessories such as carpets or curtains. Also, overhead luggage comparments were refreshed, and the standard of the toilets resemble those familiar from Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“Boeing 737 is the world’s most popular aircraft and ranks among the most reliable ones available on the market which is why they can continue to successfully transport our passengers. The cabins’ equipment standard has, however, changed over the past few years. So, LOT decided to have their Boeing 737s retrofitted, because the company wants to offer its passengers equally modern and friendly products” – adds K. Moczulski.

There are 162 passenger seats available in three travel classes: LOT Business Class, LOT Premium Economy Class and LOT Economy Class. Each class meets individual requirements and expectations of LOT passengers. Moreover, especially for business class passengers, LOT offers another convenience on the retrofitted Boeing 737: during the flight, LOT crew will be serving freshly brewed coffee from an espresso machine, which is now available onboard.

The modernisation of other Boeing 737 fleet aircrafts is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016.

Source: LOT.

LOT: Tickets for flights to Seoul are already available for sale

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

Already on October 17th, LOT flights will connect Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe with Seoul. Flights will be operated 3 times a week, and the tickets for the new connection are already for sale! South Korea is an increasingly popular destination of business travel and tourism, and LOT is the only carrier in the region to offer direct flights to Seoul!

Seoul is one of the most important and fastest developing business centres in Asia and it is the cradle of gigantic, globally known corporations that have been keen on investing in Poland. The capital of South Korea is thus the natural destination for LOT, which is clearly backed by economic data. For South Korea, Poland is the main investment market in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and it is the fifth investment market in the whole Europe. On the other hand, for Poland, South Korea is the second economic partner in Asia in terms of trade. Import and export are mainly based on electronics and multi-media equipment.

“Korean companies have invested over USD 1,7 billion in Poland, and they have invested many times more in the whole Central and Eastern Europe. Since today, LOT guarantees the most comfortable travel between Seoul and our part of Europe, without the need of shifting back or tiresome transfers in large and crowded airports of Western Europe. Our offer saves time and guarantees comfort and the highest quality of service. We are certain that this will be appreciated especially by passengers on business travel,” says Rafał Milczarski, LOT CEO.

LOT is the first carrier in Central and Eastern Europe to connect South Korea with so many Polish and European cities. One of the greatest advantages of the direct connection with Seoul is the shortest travel time not only from Poland but also from other countries in the region. Thanks to the convenient schedule, LOT enables travel from such cities as Wrocław, Stockholm, or Copenhagen with one short and comfortable transfer, which shall take no more than a few dozen minutes. For example, the transfer time from Vilnius will only take 50 minutes, which makes it possible to save even a few hours in comparison with the connections offered by other European carriers.

“Opening direct flights always releases the potential in the tourism sector. We are certain that now, many Poles will decide to visit South Korea, although they had no such plans before. I heartily encourage them to do so, since Seoul deservedly is called a city that never sleeps, and the Koreans themselves are called the Italians of Asia,” says LOT CEO.

Every year, approximately 30 thousand people travel from Poland to South Korea, and from the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe – 350 thousand. The forecasts say that in the upcoming years, these numbers will grow by 8 per cent every year.

“We also count on the visits of the inhabitants of Korea who do not know Poland well and who will decide to visit and meet us thanks to our offer. We are a safe country that has a lot to offer to Korean tourists. I am certain that their positive experience related to Poland will begin already on board of our planes. I would like to remind that the flights to Seoul will be performed exclusively by Dreamliners, and the menu will include both Polish and Korean specialities,” adds Rafał Milczarski.

LOT will introduce into the menu the dishes especially dedicated for passengers travelling on that route, while the on-board entertainment system shall include Korean movies. Moreover, the whole on-board entertainment system will be available in the Korean language version and there will always be a Korean-speaking crew member on board.

The flight from Warsaw to Seoul shall take slightly more than 10 hours. Passengers on board of LOT Dreamliner will have three travel classes at their disposal – LOT  Business Class with the intimate cabin of 18 seats only, all of which are easily convertible to the full flat bed. The experience comes with the top restaurant quality cuisine with wide choice of beverages and personal service. LOT Premium Class features larger, individual space and footrests, comfortable thigh support, cocktail tables and extensive menu served on porcelain. LOT Economy Class means modern seats with individual on-board entertainment screens, sockets and USB ports as well as fresh and varied seasonal meals served during the flight.

Starting October 17th flights between Warsaw and Seoul will be operated every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, according to the following timetable:

WAW – ICN LO 097 14:40 – 08:15+1

ICN – WAW LO 098 10:05 – 15:50

In the winter season, that is starting October 30th, LOT Dreamliners will take off from Warsaw to Seoul every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, according to the following timetable:

WAW – ICN LO 097 14:40 – 09:20+1

ICN – WAW LO 098 10:50 – 15:25

LOT’s network of long haul connections has never developed so fast in its history! Seoul is the second after Tokyo long haul connection that will be opened by LOT this year. Thus, Polish carrier keeps gaining strength on the Asian market and as such it now offers connections to three most important Asian cities: Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing.

Source: LOT.

LOT: Inspirations 2.0.

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

LOT encourages to travel all year round and recommends you where to pursue your interests. New categories and directions have been added to the “Inspirations” service. Shopping madness and best Italian cuisine in Milan. Always sunny and full of cultural offerings Madrid or a scent of Orient in cosmopolitan Istanbul. The service in a completely new look is now available.

“Inspirations” is a website through which LOT brings all tourist highlights of all the places in its flight network to the travellers. The site is not only an easy option for ticket purchase, but also provides practical information on the city of your interest, including cultural highlights, monuments and public transport. So far, the following categories have been available on the website:

  • Extend the summer
  • Shopping/sales
  • Festivals/Open-air concerts
  • Cuisine and flavours of the world

Started this February, the site has been constantly expanded. At the same time, works on a completely new design of the site have been underway. The “Inspirations 2.0.” service offers new design and very intuitive navigation for easy browsing through the wide offer. What is more, it is also available in mobile version for tablets and smartphones.

The Inspiration service has been also added new categories, such as Summer/Autumn, including offerings for anybody: “water sports” describing places for active holiday in the Mediterranean, “holidays with a child” – recommended destinations to take your family to visit amusement parks and best aqua parks, to name a few. The new offering includes also recommendations for “holiday on a bike” and “nightlife in a big city”.

The travel site is available in two language versions, Polish and English. Later on, videos, photo galleries and multimedia will be added. Visit www.lot.com/inspiracje for details.

LOT Polish Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world. It has been connecting Poland with the rest of the world since 1929. Now planes in LOT colours fly to nearly 60 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia. Many of LOT’s pilots are among the European and World Champions in several types of aviation sports. Since 2003 LOT is a member of Star Alliance whose network currently offers more than 21,900 daily flights to 1,328 airports in 195 countries all over the world.

Source: LOT.

Half a million passengers carried by LOT’s Dreamliners!

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts in LOT’s livery have already carried half a million travellers! A careful statistical analysis has clearly pointed out on Maciej Kołodziej who has bought the ticket as the Half a Millionth Passenger of those most advanced and comfortable airliners which operate on long-haul flights of LOT. Mr. Kołodziej flied today at 4:45 pm from Warsaw to New York. On that occasion, LOT has prepared a surprise at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.

Among the attractions waiting for Maciej Kołodziej was not only a cake made of airplane cookies and a Dreamliner’s gift handed by Sebastian Mikosz, CEO, LOT Polish Airlines. The biggest surprise for the Half a Millionth Passenger, and numerous travellers at the Warsaw Airport, was an unusual flash mob performed by artists from ROMA Music Theatre. As a part of advanced preparations for Polish premiere of “Mamma Mia!” musical, the artists of the Theatre performed fragments of songs “I have a Dream” and “Mamma Mia”.

“I am glad that we could greet the Half a Millionth passenger on board of our Dreamliner in such a solemn manner. The number of passengers carried with the aircrafts, which we have had only since the last year, is as big a population of Poznań or even exceeds that of Gdansk. Boeing 787 is an exceptionally comfortable aircraft that is appreciated by travellers especially on long-haul flights, such as the one to New York. It is because of the opportunity to fly in those jets and experience the highest onboard service standard that more and more customers choose LOT. There is firm data to evidence that – we have been carrying more passengers on long-haul flights this year, in all classes, than we did the last year. I congratulate Mr. Kołodziej and I believe the today’s flight will be a flight of dreams for you” – said Sebastian Mikosz, CEO, LOT Polish Airlines while handing the prize.

Courtesy: LOT.

Courtesy: LOT.

The Half a Millionth Passenger of Dreamliner, who has purchased a ticket for the economy class, was given an upgrade to LOT Business Class and a voucher for any flight of LOT’s flights network, amounting to the symbolic PLN 787. Mr. M. Kołodziej received also gifts from the management of Frederic Chopin Airport and an invitation to the premiere of Polish version of “Mamma Mia!” musical performed by ROMA Musical Theatre.

“Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is the first European home to Dreamliner and we are very proud of that. The world’s most advanced airplane is a huge attraction and it still arouses great interest of passengers and all those who dream about flying. We are glad that together with LOT Polish Airlines we can offer our customers direct flights on the Dreamliners to four continents and that way bring Warsaw and Poland closer to the entire world. This is our undeniable advantage over most airports in Central Europe” – says Michał Kaczmarczyk, Director, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.

LOT’s Dreamliners, the flagship airliners of the carrier have attracted more and more passengers. They offer unprecedented comfort to the passengers. This is, among others, due to the noise level reduced by 60% and pressure maintained at an appropriate level. More oxygen and proper humidity reduce the jet lag effect. In addition to that, the aircraft cabin is illuminated with a unique LED lighting system. On long-haul flights, the passenger fall asleep in light imitating the night sky, and at dawn, they are woken up by light that imitates times of day which are natural to the body. Therefore, it is easier to adapt to new time zones. The 787 aircraft can accommodate 252 passengers. It offers 20% lower fuel consumption and is more environmentally-friendly. Moreover, with the 30% larger window area, the horizon is visible at a height of a passenger’s eyes.

There are three classes offered to the passengers of LOT’s Dreamliners: LOT Business class with seats folding to form a flat bed and service as in the best restaurant; LOT Premium class with larger seats, headrests and footrests with varied menu of meals and drinks, and LOT Economy class with comfortable seats with headrests and footrests and superb free catering.

Currently, LOT flies 6 Dreamliners. Named gracefully Franek by passengers in an on-line contest, the newest one joined the fleet in May last year. LOT has started to partially operate long-haul flights with Boeing 787 aircrafts in June 2013, gradually putting Boeing 767 airliners out of use. Two months later, in August 2013, all flights to New York, Chicago, Toronto and Beijing were operated with Beings 787. By the end of 2017, LOT will have 8 of those state-of-the-art aircrafts in its long-haul fleet.

Source: LOT.