Etihad Airways aumenta sua presença na Suíça

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Cortesia: Etihad Airways.

Cortesia: Etihad Airways.

O voo EY073 da Etihad Airways  foi recebido com a habitual canhão de água de boas vindas, uma vez que aterrissou no horário no aeroporto de Zurique na manhã de ontem, marcando o início de um novo serviço non-stop diário da companhia entre Zurique e Abu Dhabi.

O novo serviço da Etihad Airways foi baseado nos existentes voos diários da companhia entre Abu Dhabi e Genebra lançado em 05 de Junho de 2004, elevando para 14 o número de voos que ligam Zurique e Genebra para Abu Dhabi, capital dos Emirados Árabes Unidos, a cada semana.

O novo serviço entre Zurique e Abu Dhabi é operado por uma aeronave Airbus A330-300 configurado com oito assentos na Primeira Classe, 32 na Classe Executiva e 191 na Classe Econômica.

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Etihad Airways’ first flight to Zurich touches down

Courtesy: Etihad Airways.

Courtesy: Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways’ Flight EY073 was met with the customary water cannon welcome as it touched down on schedule at Zürich Airport yesterday morning, marking the start of the airline’s new daily non-stop service between Zürich and Abu Dhabi.

The new Etihad Airways service builds upon the airline’s existing daily flights between Abu Dhabi and Geneva launched on 5 June 2004, bringing to 14 the number of flights linking Zürich and Geneva to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, each week.

The new Zürich – Abu Dhabi route is served by an Airbus A330-300 aircraft configured with 8 seats in First Class, 32 in Business Class and 191 in Economy Class.

Source: Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways: The unparalleled luxury aboard of A380 and 787


Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled the new product and service offering on its Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, including The Residence by Etihad™, the world’s most luxurious living space in the air, available only on the airline’s A380 aircraft.

The Residence will be the breath-taking and completely new forward upper-deck cabin on the A380. Accommodating single or double occupancy, it features a living room, separate double bedroom and ensuite shower room. Guests in The Residence will also have a personal Butler.

With the launch of these new fleets, the Abu Dhabi-based airline will also redefine and rename its cabin classes.

The A380 will feature the revolutionary First Apartments, which are fully private suites with a separate reclining lounge seat and full-length bed, as well as a chilled mini-bar, personal vanity unit and wardrobe.

Etihad Airways has allocated the upper deck of the A380 to its premium cabins.

On the B787, Etihad Airways has designed an enhanced First Suite, adding many new features including a chilled mini-bar.

The Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat will feature on both the A380 and the B787.

Etihad Airways is introducing the latest Panasonic eX3 entertainment system across both fleets, providing more than 750 hours of on-demand entertainment, improved gaming and high definition screens across all cabins.

The system has video touchscreen handsets, offering an additional screen for guests to maximize their entertainment, so they can play games or view the moving map while watching a movie.

Noise cancelling headsets are provided across all cabins, with built-in magnetic audio jacks to ensure the best sound quality.


The A380 aircraft will have full mobile and Wi-Fi service while the B787 will be equipped with Wi-Fi.

Unveiled at a global media launch in Abu Dhabi today, Sunday 4 May, the new cabins and service offering follow the airline’s pledge to transform air travel and make every guest journey a remarkable one.

James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “These new living spaces will raise inflight product and service standards to their highest level yet in commercial aviation and alter air travellers’ expectations of inflight comfort and luxury forever.

“Etihad Airways’ A380 and B787 will deliver the most advanced airline cabins in the industry, while meeting all weight, range and cost targets at our desired seat count. This will allow us to offer products unparalleled in quality and style, yet at competitive prices across all three cabins.”

In 2008, recognising that no single design agency could deliver its vision for the new cabins, Etihad Airways established the Etihad Design Consortium (EDC) which brought together three leading design companies, Acumen, Factorydesign and Honour Branding to develop innovative cabin and seat designs for the new fleets.

The EDC collaborated with Promise Communispace, a leading co-creation agency, to launch comprehensive consumer research and workshops in Abu Dhabi, Sydney, London and New York, with the goal of understanding what makes a ‘perfect flight’ and asking consumers to help design the perfect airline.

Eighty per cent of the new product offering is a direct result of the feedback and information garnered from these workshops.

Etihad Airways’ design vision was to bring the individuality and exclusivity of a luxury boutique hotel experience to the sky in a way that embraced Arabian Modernism, an aesthetic that combines the traditions of the region with contemporary design.

The Residence by Etihad™:

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The Residence, which is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for single or double occupancy, offers levels of luxury and total privacy normally found only on private jets.

Each Etihad Airways A380 will offer a boutique version of The Residence with different color palettes, table marquetry and custom carpets.

Guests in The Residence will have the services of a personal Butler throughout their flight. These fully trained service professionals will receive specialist training at the Savoy Butler Academy in London.

Guests in The Residence will also have a dedicated VIP Travel Concierge team who will ensure every detail of their travel experience, including ground transport, cuisine, and amenities, are tailored to their requirements.

First Apartments:

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Etihad Airways will redefine First Class and set a remarkable new industry standard with the launch of the First Apartment on the A380.

Nine First Apartments will be installed on the upper deck in a 1-1 configuration creating the only single aisle First Class cabin in the industry.

Each First Apartment, which has a 64 inch high sliding door, includes a reclining armchair and a full-length ottoman, both upholstered by Poltrona Frau. The ottoman transforms into a separate 80 inch long fully flatbed.

The First Apartment, which also includes unique features such as a chilled mini-bar, a personal vanity unit and a swiveling TV monitor for viewing from either the seat or the bed, has a 74 per cent larger footprint than the airline’s current award-winning First Class Suites.

A fully equipped shower room is available on the A380 for exclusive use by First Class guests.

First Suites:


On the B787, Etihad Airways has designed an enhanced First Suite with many new features. The eight First Suites in a 1-2-1 configuration along a unique curved aisle, another first in commercial aviation.

Each completely private First Suite has a large seat and ottoman, both upholstered by Poltrona Frau, which converts into an 80.5 inch long full-flat bed.

On the centre seats, the armrests retract and the suites can be joined to create a ‘double’ bed. Other features include a chilled mini-bar and a 24 inch TV monitor.

Business Studios:

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On both the A380 and the B787, Etihad Airways will launch its new Business Studios which provide 20 per cent more personal space than the airline’s current business class seat.

Configured 1-2-1 in a forward and aft ‘dovetail’, the Business Studios all have aisle access and the seat converts into a fully flat bed of up to 80.5 inches long.

With its privacy, ample storage and surface space, the Business Studio has been designed with the diverse needs of the premium business or leisure traveller firmly in mind.

The Lobby:

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On the Airbus A380, First and Business Class guests will be able to relax in The Lobby which is a serviced lounge and bar area located between the First and Business cabins.

Providing a semi-circular leather sofa, a marquetry table and a large TV screen, The Lobby is designed for relaxing and socialising.

The TV has a USB connection so it can be used for sharing content or it can also be set to the airline’s Live TV channels for sporting and other events.

Economy Smart Seat:


New Economy Smart Seat will offer a unique ergonomic fixed-wing headrest, giving guests a place to rest their head for added comfort and relaxation.

The seat also has a lumbar support feature, allowing guests to adjust their seat comfort, and an 11 inch personal monitor screen, with all the IFE peripherals conveniently set into the seatback in front.

The latest Panasonic eX3 personal entertainment system, of which Etihad Airways is a launch customer, is installed across all cabins

Cabin Entrances:

A key design objective for Etihad Airways was to transform the boarding experience making it more akin to stepping into the lobby of a boutique hotel.

In all entry-ways in both aircraft and in all cabins, the galley equipment is concealed behind custom Arabic fretwork screens and blinds, while the trolleys are covered by elegant wood-finish doors, setting a stylish and welcoming environment for all guests.

Importantly for the airline’s Muslim guests, Etihad Airways has developed prayer areas which can be curtained off for privacy and are equipped with a real-time electronic Qibla-finder showing the exact direction of Mecca based on the aircraft’s geographical position.

In the premium class boarding areas, Etihad Airways will collaborate with cultural institutions in the UAE to exhibit artwork and artefacts in display cabinets installed throughout. Items from the Etihad Airways Boutique Duty Free catalogue will also be displayed.

With the launch of these new aircraft, Etihad Airways will update its dining equipment, amenities and soft furnishings across its entire fleet.

Editor’s Note Airbus A380:

The first route of Etihad’s A380 will be Abu Dhabi – London Heathrow, starting on December 27th, 2014, to view the time table, please click here.

Click here to view the seat plan of Etihad’s Airbus A380.

Etihad Airways has a total of 10 A380s ordered; one A380 will be delivered in 2014, four in 2015, three in 2016 and two in 2017.

Editor’s Note Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner:

The first route of Etihad’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will be Abu Dhabi – Dusseldorf, starting on December 01st, 2014, to view the time table, please click here.

Etihad has the largest order of 787s. During the period of Q4 2014 up to 2023 the airline will receive 71 Dreamliners – 41 787-9 and 30 787-10.

On December 2014, the carrier will receive its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and expects to enter in service with a second 787-9 in January 2015. Etihad also expects to have five 787-9 in service by the end of 2015.

Final Considerations:

This new product and service that Etihad Airways will offer to its customers will continue to provide a high level of comfort and luxury that the airline already offers to the passengers.

There is also an additional class in the A380 – The Residence – an unmistakable and personal service that provides levels of luxury and total privacy normally found only on private jets.

Etihad Airways will operate two ultra-modern aircraft that are quieter and more fuel efficient. Together with other features of these airplanes, the passenger will have a more pleasant flight.

Do you liked this announcement of Etihad? Which was your first impression of this new service called “The Residence”?

Source: Etihad.

All media of this article is courtesy of Etihad.

Etihad Airways outlines initial Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operations from December 2014

Courtesy: Etihad Airways.

Courtesy: Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways today (04MAY14) opened reservations for its planned Boeing 787-9 operation, which is due to start from December 2014. Initial Boeing 787-9 operations as follow.

eff 01DEC14 Abu Dhabi – Dusseldorf 787-9 replaces A330-200 until 31DEC14

EY023 AUH0220 – 0635DUS 789 D

EY024 DUS1020 – 1950AUH 789 D

eff 01JAN15 Abu Dhabi – Mumbai 787-9 replaces A340-600 on EY206/205

EY206 AUH2205 – 0305+1BOM 789 D

EY205 BOM0430 – 0630AUH 789 D

eff 01JAN15 Abu Dhabi – Washington Dulles 787-9 replaces A340-500

EY131 AUH1100 – 1740IAD 789 D

EY132 IAD2130 – 1945+1AUH 789 D

Etihad 787-9 features 8 First Suite (1-2-1), 28 Business Studio (Staggered 1-2-1) and 199 Economy Smart Seats (3-3-3).

Source: Airline Route.

Etihad Airways introduz serviço de “babá” para famílias que viajam com crianças e menores desacompanhados

“Versão em Português / The English version is after the Portuguese version.”

Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500 (Créditos: - Allen Zhao)

Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500 (Créditos: – Allen Zhao)

A Etihad Airways, companhia aérea nacional dos Emirados Árabes Unidos, lançou um serviço dedicado a prestar assistência as famílias que viajam com crianças, com a introdução de uma “babá” a bordo de voos de longo duração. Identificadas por aventais laranjados, a babá tem por objetivo “dar uma mãozinha” para as famílias com crianças e menores desacompanhados.

Nos últimos dois meses, 300 membros da tripulação de cabine concluíram o curso de formação para desempenhar a função. Além do fato de que mais 60 comissários serão treinados em Setembro e a companhia aérea planeja ter 500 tripulantes aptos para o serviço até o final do ano.

Durante o voo a babá irá utilizar a sua formação especializada, apoiando às necessidades das famílias e menores desacompanhados, bem como apoiar outros membros da tripulação de cabine, quando eles interagem com as famílias.

Flying Nanny3_Hero

Muitas dessas atividades derivam de um kit especial, que contém papel , etiquetas, papelão e outros itens que a babá usará para ensinar artes e ofícios, tais como a criação de cartões especiais simples para amigos e familiares. Também costuma usar itens de serviço, tais como copos de papel , que podem ser feitos chapéus e arte japonesa (origami – para dobrar papel em esculturas). Todas as atividades são projetadas de modo que a babá possa deixar as crianças produzirem e concluírem por conta própria.

Além das artes e ofícios, as babás também podem ensinar às crianças truques de mágica simples, que ajudam a manter o foco e interesse enquanto fica sentada.

Para crianças mais velhas, a babá está equipada com simples testes e desafios para mantê-los ocupados, bem como levá-los em um mini-tour pela aeronave durante os momentos mais calmos do voo.


No final do voo a babá irá ajudar os pais, repondo as garrafas de leite , e oferecendo itens como água, frutas e outros petiscos especialmente se a família estiver em trânsito para outro voo.

Também irá aconselhar as famílias que estão em trânsito em Abu Dhabi sobre as várias instalações para bebês e crianças no aeroporto, bem como informá-los de que existe uma área recreativa para crianças no Portão 32 no Terminal 3 , e nos lounges premium.

Achei no canal da Etihad no YouTube um vídeo explicando o novo serviço oferecido, confira:

Fonte: Assessoria de Imprensa da Etihad Airways.

Créditos as imagens da “babá”: Etihad Airways.


Etihad Airways boosts services for young families with introduction of flying nanny

Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500 (Credits: - Allen Zhao)

Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500 (Credits: – Allen Zhao)

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has launched a dedicated in-flight child care assistance program for families, led by the introduction of a new Flying Nanny on board long haul flights.

Identified by bright orange aprons, each Flying Nanny aims to provide a ‘helping hand’ to families and unaccompanied minors.

During the past two months 300 Etihad Airways cabin crew members have completed enhanced training for the role. A further 60 will be trained in September and 500 Flying Nannies will be working across Etihad Airways flights by the end of 2013.

In the flight the Flying Nanny will utilise her specialist training, supporting the needs of families and unaccompanied minors, as well as supporting other cabin crew members when they interact with families.

Flying Nanny3_Hero

The Flying Nanny will also frequently use service items such as paper cups which can be made into hats and the Japanese art of origami to fold paper into sculptures. All activities are designed so the Flying Nanny can leave the children to produce and complete on their own.

In addition to the arts and crafts, the Flying Nannies can also teach children simple magic tricks which helps retain their focus and interest while seated.

For older children, the Flying Nanny is equipped with simple quizzes and challenges to keep them occupied as well as taking them on tours of the galley during quieter moments of the flight.


Towards the end of the flight the Flying Nanny will help parents by replenishing milk bottles, and offering items such as water, fruit and other snacks especially if the family is transiting to another flight.

The Flying Nanny will also advise families that are transiting at Abu Dhabi about the various baby changing and child facilities at the airport, as well as informing them that there is a children’s play area at Gate 32 in Terminal 3, and in the premium lounges.

I found an interesting video on YouTube explaining the service (Credits: Etihad Airways), check it out:

Source: Etihad Airways Press.

Credits to the Flying Nanny photos: Etihad Airways.