KLM flies Paralympic medal winners back to the Netherlands

Courtesy: KLM / Marco Spuyman.

Courtesy: KLM / Marco Spuyman.

On reaching Dutch airspace, the KLM aircraft was again flanked by two F-16s of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, as was the case after the Olympic Games. The aircraft was given a festive “shower of affection” by the fire brigade on its arrival at Schiphol. The athletes were welcomed by René de Groot (Chief Operating Officer of KLM) and Harm Kreulen (Managing Director of KLM The Netherlands).

On arrival at Schiphol, the athletes passed through an honour guard of KLM personnel in uniform on their way to the busses that brought them to Tivoli/Vredenburg in Utrecht for the official reception ceremony. The Netherlands won a total of 17 gold medals, 19 silver medals and 26 bronze medals at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: KLM.

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