Travelport announced as technology partner of large Brazilian business-to-business travel consolidators

Courtesy: Travelport.

Courtesy: Travelport.

Travelport, the market-leading travel trading platform announced today that has been nominated as “technology partner” and “official booking system” in a multi-year agreement with e-Fácil Plus, the new portal of large consolidators business-to-business of Brazil. This portal is designed and developed by three of the country’s leading travel consolidators – Ancoradouro, Grupo BRT and Picchioni – and by the Brazilian company of technology for travel, Wooba.

This new exclusive agreement will generate for Travelport more bookings of new customers and existent clients of e-Fácil Plus in Brazil. The group expects to start distributing its platform in other Latin American countries in the second half of 2016.

The e-Fácil Plus targets the travel agencies around the Brazil or missed by traditional travel consolidators. The agreement with e-Fácil Plus also creates new opportunities for Travelport boost their brand and show its innovative technology and services industry leading to new and potential customers across the country.

With a huge expertise in travel trading platform, Travelport provides solutions for distribution, technology and payment for the travel and tourism industry worldwide. The company is based in Langley, United Kingdom and it is present in approximately 180 countries and has more than 3.700 employees.


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