Edelweiss promotes conference with members of the press in Rio de Janeiro


This afternoon, Edelweiss, a sister-company of SWISS promoted a meeting with members of the press at Windsor Hotel in Copacabana to mark the initial flights of the airline to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company started its operation to the marvelous city last Friday. Initially the airline will operate flights between Zurich and Rio de Janeiro on Mondays and Fridays.

There were present executives of Edelweiss, SWISS, Lufthansa, RIOgaleão and Switzerland Tourism, which presented couple of key facts through a slide show presentation. It was also highlighted key facts of the flights from Zurich to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo).

Tom Maes the recently nominated Senior Sales Director for South America of the Lufthansa Group – which took possession of the new cargo this month – highlighted a series of important facts regarding the operations of the group’s airlines to Brazil. He recognized the strong relation between the airlines and the commitment of the group with the country. It has also been stated the power of growth that the group has in Brazil, as the airlines can offer several types of services and can attend specific demands of the most variable customers. He also stated saying that Edelweiss’ flights will complement the Lufthansa Group’s flight offer to the region.

Bernd Bauer, CEO of Edelweiss started its speech with an explanation of Edelweiss flower, the national flower of Switzerland that gave the name of the airline – as we mentioned this history in the Curiosity part of our article. He stated that the new Airbus A330-343 of Edelweiss has been named “Chäserrugg”, the region in Switzerland that grown this flower. Mr. Bauer complemented its speech saying that this flower also transports their origin, commitment and value. Bernd highlighted the cities, lakes and the beautiful nature of its country, showing couple of pictures of it. The airline’s CEO reiterated that national ingredients and recipes of Switzerland that are served on board. Finalizing its speech, he said the airline will take delivery of it first Airbus A340-313X from SWISS on the end of this year. Just to note: The first destinations of the airline’s first A340 will be Phuket, in Thailand and Cape Town, in South Africa.

Valquiria Mendes, Senior Manager of SWISS for South America started saying that on the year of 2009 to 2011 the route from Zurich to Sao Paulo was one of the most profitable SWISS routes, proving the capacity that the airline has. She added saying that SWISS’ flight from Zurich to Sao Paulo will make a stop in Rio de Janeiro on August 1st, 2016 to bring and on August 22th, 2016 to pick up the athletes and its equipment of the Summer Olympics 2016. She also stated saying Edelweiss flights will be operated under codeshare agreement with SWISS and they aren’t competitors, their flights complements each other and continue to build a strong relationship. Finalizing its speech, the executive highlighted the renew plan of SWISS, which consists in renew its long-haul flagship from the Airbus A340 to the Boeing 777-300ER – this last airplane was designed in accordance with the demand of the passengers, the company has two Boeing 777-300ER on its fleet now and it is waiting more four aircraft up to July 2016.

Adrien Genier, Marketing Manager of Switzerland Tourism highlighted key facts of the tourism between these two countries. Edelweiss bring more than one new route; it brings the Swiss DNA of great service with the genuine Swiss cordially. The airline will be a partner during the Summer Olympics 2016, a partner which comes supporting the promotion actions of the Switzerland Tourism in Rio de Janeiro. The executive also highlighted key facts of Switzerland, like the Alps, big lakes and the gastronomy. Mr. Genier presented couple features of Zurich Kloten Airport, which has train to all the parts of Switzerland inside the airport and has cars agencies one-minute walking from the check-in area. He finalized its speech saying that Switzerland’ inhabitants are the happiest people in the world.

Luiz Rocha, President of RIOgaleão, made this speech based in a common thing between Edelweiss and the airport; both of them want to offer the best experience for the passenger. The executive also stated that the airport’s first part of investment is being concluded.

Editor’s Note:

This article is part of our coverage about Edelweiss inaugural flight to Rio de Janeiro.

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