British Airways and Iberia will be moved to Terminal 2 at Rio de Janeiro International Airport

Courtesy: RIOgaleão.

Courtesy: RIOgaleão.

From the end of April, British Airways and Iberia will be moved to the Terminal 2 (T2) at Rio de Janeiro International Airport. The British airline will move its operations to the T2 on April 21th, 2016 and the Spanish carrier will start operating at T2 on April 22th, 2016.

British Airways will maintain its daily flights between London Heathrow and Rio de Janeiro and Iberia will continue with its six weekly flights between Spain’s capital, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. Inside the Terminal 2, clients will have access to a self-service-kiosk where they will be able to print their boarding pass, as well as get information which allows a quickly check-in.

Regarding the lounges, British Airways’ customers which are flying First Class, Club World, clients that have Silver or Gold status on Executive Club will be eligible to enjoy the PROAIR VIP Lounge at T2.  Meanwhile, Iberia’s passengers flying Business Class will also have access to the same lounge of British Airways, and in case of being an Iberia Plus client, the passenger will have access to the VIP room of American Airlines at Terminal 2.

With the migration to Terminal 2 the passengers of both airlines will have new commodities and stores to enjoy inside the terminal.

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