More seat choice for KLM’s frequent flyers on intercontinental flights

Courtesy: KLM.

Courtesy: KLM.

This will be a paid option for all other passengers who wish to reserve their seat directly when booking. These passengers can select their preferred seat for EUR 20 per leg of their journey.

Free seat selection still possible

In addition, passengers with special needs due to physical disabilities will be assigned seats early on in the booking process. KLM will also ensure that families with young children can sit together. Seat selection at check-in, from 30 hours ahead of departure of intercontinental flights, will remain free of charge for all passengers with a standard Economy Class ticket.

Choice and control

With this new approach to seat reservation, KLM can optimally meet the wishes of its passengers. This ties in with KLM’s efforts to offer passengers greater choice and control. Other services that expand passengers’ range of choices include the option of Economy Comfort seating and à-la-carte meals on intercontinental flights.

Source: KLM.

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