Gulfstream reveals upgraded G600 cabin mock-up

Courtesy: Gulfstream.

Courtesy: Gulfstream.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. yesterday revealed a redesigned full-size Gulfstream G600 mock-up that maximizes space, convenience, comfort and capabilities. The unveiling took place at the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. Visitors at the convention will be able to experience firsthand the tremendous comfort and productivity of the G600 cabin.

The improvements to the mock-up are the result of extensive customer feedback received over the past 12 months. The redesigned mock-up features:

  • a slimmer passenger service unit for increased headroom and maximized passenger space
  • an expanded side ledge
  • additional counter space in the galley
  • an ergonomically enhanced aft lavatory
  • enhanced cabin lighting
  • quieter drawer and cabinet latches
  • an improved seat for enhanced comfort and ease of use
  • stone flooring in the entry way and forward lavatory

“We have collaborated with our customers throughout this project,” said Tray Crow, director, Interior Design, Gulfstream. “Since unveiling the original G600 mock-up at the G500 and G600 announcement event in October 2014, we have been gathering feedback from customers to ensure we meet their needs and deliver an ideal in-flight environment. The interior is so comfortable and functional that passengers will forget they are travelling near the speed of sound.”

The G600 is the longest cabin in its class and can be configured for up to four living areas. The cabin allows for passengers to stay connected through satellite communications and high-speed Internet, hold important business meetings, enjoy a nice dinner, relax or sleep. The cabin management system has been improved, allowing passengers to control the lighting, window shades, temperature and entertainment amenities through touchscreen devices.

The cabin is also designed to allow passengers to feel refreshed when they arrive at their destination, with quiet cabin sound levels, 100 percent fresh air replenished every two minutes and 14 Gulfstream panoramic windows that allow an abundance of natural light to fill the cabin. The G600 will also have the best pressurization system in its class with a cabin altitude during cruise that will vary from 3,670 feet/1,119 meters at FL430 to a maximum of 4,850 ft/1,478 m at FL510.

The G600 mock-up also includes the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck™. It is the most advanced flight deck in business aviation and features active control sidesticks, integrated touchscreen controllers, next-generation enhanced vision system, and Honeywell Primus Epic avionics.

Certification of the G500 is anticipated in 2017, with entry into service in 2018. The G600 certification is slated to follow in 2018, with entry into service in 2019.

Source: Gulfstream.

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