Rockwell Collins celebrates 40 years of operations in Brazil and presents its new office in Sao Jose dos Campos

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During the event last Wednesday in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Rockwell Collins celebrated 40 years of the company’s operations in Brazil and presented its new office and its latest communication technologies and advanced avionics for journalists and guests.

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the development and deployment of communication and aviation electronic solutions for commercial and government purposes. Offering a wide range of products for use in the cockpit, communications, information management, simulation and training. Its network of assistance and service cover more than 150 countries.

With a long history and a commitment with Brazil, the company began its operations in the country in 1974 in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Sao Jose dos Campos to support the EMB-120 Brasilia program of Embraer. Throughout its 40 years of operation in the country, the company has shown its commitment by increasing its investments and presence in the Brazilian economy. The corporation also hired and trained local personnel, thus transferring its technology to them. Strengthening its presence and offers beyond the avionics sector and to support customers, partners and programs in the region, Rockwell Collins has increased its employee base in Brazil by 50% since 2011 with the hiring of engineers, program managers, maintenance technicians and creating seven new strategy teams, marketing, business development and programs located in Brazil and Latin America.

From left to right: Alan Prowse - VP & Managing Director Americas and Global Services BD International & Services Solutions

From left to right: Alan Prowse – VP & Managing Director Americas and Global Services BD International & Services Solutions / Collin Mahoney – Senior VP International & Services Solutions / Marcelo Vaz – President of Rockwell Collins of Brazil.

In the event, the company announced that Marcelo Vaz Rodrigues will be the new president of Rockwell Collins of Brazil. He will lead the company’s strategy for long-term growth and continued investment in the country. Prior to joining the company in 2012, Vaz worked at Rolls-Royce of Brazil since 2006. He also held positions in customer service, sales and engineering at Turbomeca, Halliburton Energy Services and Schlumberger Industries. Vaz succeeds Nelson Aquino, who will take a special paper in projects in Brazil to mature further internal business structure of the corporation, which is growing rapidly in the region.

In addition, the company announced that it has been chosen by Embraer to equip the Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Control System (CHADCS) for the KC-390 program of the Brazilian Air Force. CHADCS is a digital control system used to hold, monitor, and execute precision air drops of cargo, vehicles, and troops in a variety of tactical methods. The system consists of a loadmaster station with displays and controls, a network of lock control units and control panels to sense inputs, measure force, activate and release locks, along with high criticality software and processing hardware to manage the required automation, safety, and precision.

Rockwell Collins has previously been selected by Embraer to supply the first military application of the integrated system of highly advanced avionics, the ProLine Fusion for the KC-390 program. The system also represents the highest content that Rockwell Collins has in a military aircraft from Embraer.

A visit was conducted by the new office and the installation of the Service Center in Sao Jose dos Campos. This center is essential to meet the local clients needs, including aircraft manufacturers such as Embraer and Helibras. In addition, the region where the city is located is known as an aeronautical pole in Brazil.

The new expanded facility has twice the current size and, at first glance, the design and disposal of the office increases the effectiveness at work, thus providing greater collaboration and production of the team.

The traditional individual rooms of an office gave rise to generous individual open spaces where communication is benefited. There are some enclosed spaces for personal meetings and for silence purposes. There are two meeting rooms with data-show too.

There is also a demonstration room that brings together some of the Rockwell Collins products, one of them is the new Pro Line Fusion system.

The facility has a conventional office kitchen with some ambiances for a quick conversation.

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At the end of the event there was a celebration and usual ribbon cutting ceremony, with executives from the company and Brazilian government authorities, which marked the opening of the new office.

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