Today’s Lufthansa crew takes off in traditional anniversary dress

Courtesy: Deutsche Lufthansa.

Courtesy: Deutsche Lufthansa.

Three days before the start of the Oktoberfest in Munich, it’s time for the Munich crew to ‘take off’ in traditional dress. The eleven flight attendants in the crew are accompanying today’s flight number LH 428 from Munich Airport to Charlotte in the USA. This year, the crew is wearing traditional anniversary dress for the first time, with Lufthansa using its 60th anniversary as an occasion to reproduce the traditional dirndl worn in the 1950s. Other flights featuring crew members in traditional dress will take place on 21st September to Vancouver and 29th September to Dubai.

The traditional costumes from the 1950s were designed by the fashion boutique Angermaier Trachten in Munich. The Oktoberfest dirndl worn by the flight attendants is based on the style of the 1950s and features a light blue design with an embroidered beige pattern. The apron is beige with discreet light blue dots. When crews wore these outfits back in the 1950s, a newspaper report stated that: “Lufthansa stewardesses in genuine dirndls are currently accompanying passengers on board the Super Constellation from New York to Hamburg and on Lufthansa-Convair aircraft flying from London to Munich”.

Source: Deutsche Lufthansa.

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