KLM launches Apple Watch app

Courtesy: KLM.

Courtesy: KLM.

Apple Watch proves to be of great added value when it comes to travel. Travelling is often stressful – especially flying and particularly just before departure. The KLM Apple Watch app offers passengers relevant services on the day of departure, including information such as the remaining time before departure, the boarding pass and possible changes related to flight information. This allows passengers to have access to the latest information.

When the time comes to check in for the flight all an Apple Watch user needs to do is to tap once on the screen. Following this, the passenger can save the boarding pass in Passbook for use when boarding the aircraft. At any given point during the flight the app shows the remaining flight time.

Besides flight information and flight related services, the app also offers special functionality for KLM’s Flying Blue members. At a single glance, it’s possible to see both their Flying Blue level as well as the number of Award Miles earned.

From today the latest version of the KLM smartphone app, that also supports the Apple Watch app functionality is available in the Apple App Store.

Since March, owners of an Android smartwatch have been able to download the specially developed KLM app from the Google Play Store.

Source: KLM.

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