Aeroflot cabin crew named in Global Style Top List

Courtesy: Aeroflot.

Courtesy: Aeroflot.

Internet portal Yahoo! has named Aeroflot’s flight attendants among the top chicest cabin crew uniforms globally.

Russia’s flagship carrier is named alongside airlines including Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Korean Air and Air Canada in the style stakes.

The current Aeroflot cabin crew uniform was designed in Russia by Julia Bunakova and Evgeny Khokhlov, and was introduced in 2010.

Yahoo! said Aeroflot’s “vibrant colors combined with white gloves, neckties, tipped hats, and matching patent pumps give the uniforms a costume-like feel” and noted: “Flying with Aeroflot feels like you’re in a period TV show.”

Aeroflot has garnered numerous awards and citations for its attractive and stylish cabin crew. Skyscanner named Aeroflot’s cabin crew uniform the best in Europe, while St Petersburg Fashion Week and travel portal named it the best in the world. Aviation portal BS Aeronautics named Aeroflot among the top three airlines with the most attractive flight attendants.

“In a world where airlines are cutting costs left, right and center, the presentation of its staff has become a tactic to gain an edge against its competition — while looking rather fabulous in the process,” Yahoo! said.

Source: Aeroflot.

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