Dassault launches iPad flight document app

Courtesy: Dassault Falcon.

Courtesy: Dassault Falcon.

Dassault Aviation has introduced a new iPad software application that allows pilots to readily access aircraft flight documentation on or offline.

Known as Falcon Flight Doc, the new app makes it possible to synchronize, download, consult, annotate and share flight documents directly through the Dassault Falcon Portal using an iPad. It also permits flight crews to download related Falcon Service Advisories (FSAs) and Falcon Service Newsflashes (FSNs) and save their specific documentation in a dedicated file.

The app will be offered free of charge to all operators with a subscription to Flight Doc Online. It complements software tools available on the Dassault Electronic Flight Bag across the Dassault-designed FalconSphere touch-based interface introduced in 2013.

“In today’s hyperconnected world, operators want a quick and easy way to access up-to-date flight documents without having to resort to cumbersome and weighty printed flight manuals,” said Olivier Villa, Senior Vice President, Civil Aircraft, Dassault Aviation. “It’s part of a global trend towards paperless cockpits that increases the quality and efficiency of flight preparations, operations and maintenance, while offering a notable cost savings.”

The Flight Doc application is the first of a series of new apps Dassault will be developing to meet operator demand for high value-added online access tools. These include apps that will permit Falcon Operators to consult maintenance manuals or perform preflight inventories.

Falcon Flight Doc is available on all in and out-of-production models, including the Falcon 10, 20, 200 and 50 legacy aircraft. It will also be offered on the new Falcon 5X and 8X currently in development.

Source: Dassault Falcon.

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