More than 100 new online travel guides to Lufthansa destinations


With Lufthansa, the passenger’s journey begins even before the flight. The airline wants to enhance its passengers’ stay at all its destinations and has recently published a digital travel guide to more than 100 Lufthansa destinations at Passengers have now the possibility to inform themselves about their destination even prior to travel. These destinations range from A for Aberdeen to Z for Zurich, from New York to Shanghai. And by the end of this year, there will be a travel guide to every one of Lufthansa’s 200 current destinations. Passengers can use the travel guides online for free, both on a computer at home and on mobile devices when travelling. All the recommendations, tips and articles are available in German and English, and have been specially researched by our travel editors.

The Lufthansa Travel Guide offers all the important aspects of a classic guidebook, in addition to the topicality and interactive features of an online format. A brief overview sketches a portrait of each city. The first look around is quickly and easily planned with the help of an interactive map and a list of the top 10 attractions. Another big advantage over print versions is the topicality of the online guide: the events calendar, and the restaurant and club listings are always right up to date. This information is supplemented by reports, city tours and multimedia content, such as video clips. Then there are individual recommendations from Lufthansa crew members, who present their favorite locations in the ‘Crew Tip’ section.

Useful details about the local airport and the rest of the country help to plan the trip. Users can search for friends on Facebook who have already visited the destination and can also share the travel guide with them. Another firm fixture is the ‘door-to-door planner’, a detailed itinerary that combines the flight connections and more than 600 other transport options of different providers (train, car, public transport) to describe the journey from your own front door to global destinations in minute detail, available under

Source: Deutsche Lufthansa.

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