Norwegian offers improved service to customers with premium tickets

Courtesy: Norwegian.

Courtesy: Norwegian.

Norwegian is offering lounge access and improved in-flight service to its customers with premium tickets on intercontinental routes.

Norwegian is upgrading its service to passengers with premium tickets on intercontinental flights between Europe and the U.S. and Asia. The improved service includes access to airport lounges as well as enhanced in-flight service.

“The customer can expect a smooth and easy travel experience with Norwegian. That’s why we’re very pleased to be able to offer our premium passengers on intercontinental routes free access to airport lounges at several airports in our route network as well as improved in-flight service,” said Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl at Norwegian.

Norwegian currently operates seven Boeing 787 Dreamliners with 291 seats, including 32 larger and more comfortable seats in the forward cabin. Norwegian offers 17 routes between Europe and the U.S. and Asia.

Source: Norwegian.

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