Certification granted to Iberia test bench for the IAE V2500 engine

Courtesy: Iberia.

Courtesy: Iberia.

Iberia has been granted certification by the Pratt & Whitney aircraft engine company to test the IAE consortium’s V2500 model, a turbofan which powers the Airbus A320 family.

During the month-long certification process, Iberia adjusted and calibrated is equipment, adapters, and software to accommodate the engine. Iberia Maintenance will carry out the first bench test of this engine in September

In March Iberia was certified to repair IAE V2500s, and now its certification for inspecting, repairing and testing the engine is complete, and accepted by Europe’s EASA, U.S. FAA, and China’s CAAC aviation authorities. Iberia thus becomes one of seven companies worldwide holding such certification. Some 5,700 V2500 engines are now in use on aircraft in the Airbus A320 family and the MD90, with purchase options for another 1,800 engines through 2017.

Maintenance of the IAE V2500 will be carried out at Iberia Maintenance’s engine workshop at it 52,560 m2 facility near Madrid-Barajas airport. Iberia’s maintenance unit is also certified to inspect, repair, and test RB211-535E4, RB211-535C37, CFM56-5A1/-5B/-5C4/-7x, CF34-3A1/-3B1, JT8D-217, RR Pegasus MK 150-42 and Pegasus 408 engines. The 600 technicians in the engines workshop repair some 200 engines each year for Iberia and some 100 outside clients.

Iberia Maintenance is in charge of carrying out the inspections and repairs of aircraft, engines and components belonging to the airline itself and to some 100 clients all over the world.

Source: Iberia.

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