For the long-haul: Airbus’ A380 is slated for a growing number of ultra-long range routes

Courtesy: Airbus.

Courtesy: Airbus.

Increasingly, carriers are also taking advantage of this highly-efficient “world traveller” for operations on some of the longest non-stop routes – connecting key cities separated by distances of more than 7,000 nautical miles.

Among the A380’s longest current routes is Emirates’ service from Dubai to Los Angeles, which commenced with its double-deck jetliners last December on a flight that covers some 7,200 nautical miles.

Emirates also is planning to deploy the A380 on two other 7,000-nm.-plus services this year, with flights connecting Dallas and Houston to its Dubai base, while Australian operator Qantas is scheduled to debut the A380 on the world’s longest route – approximately 7,500 nautical miles – between Sydney and Dallas this autumn.

“Operators are taking advantage of A380’s unrivalled operating economics to replace competing aircraft on these ultra-long range networks,” said Airbus’ Head of A380 Marketing Antonio Da Costa, noting that passengers also benefit from this jetliner’s unique double-deck spaciousness.

“With these flights of more than 16 hours, the A380 offers a superior level of comfort for travellers in all classes of service – including Airbus’ modern standard of at least 18-inch wide seats in economy class,” he added.

Source: Airbus.

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