Airbus’ A380 is welcomed around the world

Courtesy: Airbus.

Courtesy: Airbus.

The global A380 fleet now operates on 81 routes to 41 global destinations, numbers which will continue to grow as more airlines receive their first A380s.
Asiana Airlines was the latest carrier to take delivery of its initial A380 in May as the South Korea-based airline became the 11th global operator of this 21st century flagship, which on average takes off or lands every four minutes somewhere around the globe.

“As a result of the A380’s ability to draw high-value passengers and its superior operating economics, this highly efficient jetliner has established a reputation for meeting the demands of world-class carriers,” said Antonio Da Costa, Airbus’ Head of A380 Marketing. “The A380’s extensive global network includes service to 17 of the 20 busiest international airports, in addition to many other important cities around the world.”

As of this month’s milestone delivery of the 50th A380 to Dubai-based Emirates – which received its initial aircraft in July 2008 – 136 of these Airbus flagship jetliners have now been handed over to a global operator base, with the in-service fleet performing more than 1.4 million flight hours in 172,000 revenue flights.

Source: Airbus.

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