Olé olé olé: Lufthansa First Class duck in World Cup outfit

Courtesy: Deutsche Lufthansa.

Courtesy: Deutsche Lufthansa.

In honour of the World Cup in Brazil, this year the Lufthansa duck will be wearing a green jersey and headband and carrying a football in its arm. “I’ve slipped into many costumes during my long career as a Lufthansa mascot, but the jersey is one of my highlights. As a big football fan, there’s no chance I’ll miss a single match and I’ll be rooting for Jogi’s boys!” says the duck confidently.

For ten years, guests in the bathing and spa areas of the Frankfurt First Class Terminal have been greeted by a rubber duck. “Back then, we wanted to accentuate the sophisticated ambience of the newly opened terminal with an eye-catching detail,” explains Jörg Holtschneider, Head of First Class and VIP Services in Frankfurt. The rubber duck with the Lufthansa logo has since gone on to become an exclusive collectable, he adds. “We didn’t expect there to be so much hype over it,” says Holtschneider. In the meantime, the rubber duck has also found a home in the First Class Lounges in Frankfurt and Munich.

To date, around 25 special editions have been brought out – with a diverse range of costumes, including the traditional garb duck for Munich’s Oktoberfest, the spa duck complete with cucumber mask, and even the Easter duck. “These special editions are naturally in hot demand,” explains Holtschneider. So which of the costumes was the duck’s own favourite? “My dirndl for Oktoberfest was definitely an eye-catcher – popular among duck fans worldwide. But the football kit looks very good on me too.”

The First Class Terminal offers its guests exceptional service – apart from the personal assistant and a valet parking service, a cigar lounge is also available for First Class passengers. For many people, however, there is – and always will be – only one true highlight: the little yellow rubber duck. And since guests are free to take the duck with them, the good mood created by the mascot in the First Class Terminal can be enjoyed by them at home in their own bathtubs. Indeed, many First Class passengers do just that, with the result that around 12,000 ducks become fledglings every year and leave the Lufthansa nest.

Source: Deutsche Lufthansa.

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