Air France Airbus A380 lands in Hong Kong

Courtesy: Air France.

Courtesy: Air France.

During the summer 2014 season, Air France is serving Hong Kong with a daily flight, operated at night on the way there and back, thus making it easier for customers to rest prior to arrival at destination.

From 27 May and up to 8 June 2014 and from 16 to 22 June, this flight is operated 4 times a week by Airbus A380 and 3 times a week by Boeing 777-300. From 9 to 15 June and from 23 June to 25 October 2014, this daily frequency will be exclusively operated by the Air France superjumbo.

Served by Air France for the past 75 years, Hong Kong is the second destination in China to be served by the A380 after Shanghai.

A380’s Time Table (local time):

From 27 May to 8 June and from 16 to 22 June 2014, flights on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will be operated by A380. From 9 to 15 June and from 23 June to 25 October 2014, the flight will be operated by A380 on a daily basis.

  • AF 188: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 23:25, arrives in Hong Kong at 17:20 the following day
  • AF 187: leaves Hong Kong at 00:50, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 08:h00 the same day

Source: Air France.

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