Lufthansa: Early seat reservation for an extra charge with selected Economy fares

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Early seat reservation for passengers booked in selected booking classes (designated W, S, T, L, K) will incur a €25 per seat charge on long-haul flights in the future. The optional service will be introduced as of 28 April 2014. This change brings the additional advance seat reservation service fees in line with those incurred on domestic and European routes, which have been offered at a price of €10 since November 2013. As in the past, all guests may choose their preferred seat at no extra charge when checking in up to 23 hours before departure.

Advanced seat reservation in the selected booking classes becomes an optional service at time of booking. For the remaining booking classes, Economy Class advanced seat reservation remains free of charge. This service in the upcoming Premium Economy Class, Business and First Class also remains free of charge. For HON Circle members and Senators, advanced seat reservation is free of charge in all booking classes.

Seats can also be reserved during or after the booking process with travel agents, online via, or at Lufthansa ticketing locations.

Source: Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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