Airbus entrega seu milésimo A330 para Cathay Pacific

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No último dia 19 de Julho a Airbus entregou seu milésimo A330 a Cathay Pacific em Toulouse, na França. A aeronave é equipada com duas turbinas Rolls-Royce Trent 700, além do fato que juntamente com sua irmã Dragonair é a maior operadora do A330 no mundo, totalizando 56 aviões em operação.


O amplo mercado que o avião possui é demonstrado diariamente por mais de 100 operadores que servem 300 aeroportos, voando desde rotas de 30 minutos até mais de 14 horas. Em torno de 1,2 bilhão de passageiros já voaram na aeronave, que possui os principais destaques: Conforto, iluminação e espaço.


O A330 possui um grande alcance, em média 7,250 milhas náuticas (13,420 km).

No momento estão encomendas 1,250 unidades da aeronave.

Vídeo da cerimônia de entrega da aeronave. Créditos: Airbus.

Fonte: Assessoria de Imprensa da Airbus


Airbus delivers its 1,000th A330 to Cathay Pacific

In July 19th, Airbus has celebrated the delivery of the 1,000th A330. The aircraft, an A330-300 powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines, was handed over to Cathay Pacific Airways at special ceremony in Toulouse today. Cathay Pacific together with its sister airline Dragonair is the world’s largest operator of the A330, with a total of 56 now in service.


The 1,000th delivery comes as the A330 continues to enjoy increasing popularity with airlines across the globe. Continuously enhanced to maintain its economic advantage, the aircraft remains the most cost-efficient twin engine widebody in service today for both regional and long haul routes, with the latest versions capable of flying non-stop on sectors of up to 7,250 nautical miles / 13,420 km. The spacious cabin is a firm favourite with passengers, offering the best comfort in its category and the latest state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment systems and connectivity options.


The wide market appeal of the A330 Family is demonstrated daily by over 100 operators, including network carriers, low cost, charter and flag carriers, who fly A330s on all missions from 30 minutes to over 14 hours. About 1.2 billion passengers have enjoyed travelling on board the light, bright and spacious A330 cabin to and from the 300 airports it serves today. More than 1,250 A330s have been ordered to date.

Video of the delivery ceremony. Credits: Airbus.

Source: Airbus Press

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