Air France’s new cabins take off to Bangui

Courtesy: Air France.

Courtesy: Air France.

Since 1 September 2015, Air France customers have been able to travel to Bangui (Central African Republic) from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, on board a Boeing 777-200 equipped with the Company’s new long-haul travel cabins.

They can enjoy the latest Business class cabin, a real cocoon in the sky, as well as the brand new Premium Economy and Economy seats which have been completely redesigned for optimal travel comfort.

Flight schedules (in local time)

From 1 to 29 September 2015:

AF 775

– Leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle every Tuesday at 10:30, arrives in Bangui at 16:00 the same day
– Leaves Bangui at 17:40, arrives at Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 19:00 the same day
– Leaves Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 23:15, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 6:50 the following day

From 6 to 20 October 2015:

AF 775

– Leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle every Tuesday at 10:05, arrives in Bangui at 15:35 the same day
– Leaves Bangui at 17:15, arrives at Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 18:35 the same day
– Leaves Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 23:15, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 6:50 the following day

From 27 October 2015 to 1 January 2016:

AF 775

– Leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle every Tuesday and Friday at 8:55, arrives in Bangui at 15:30 the same day
– Leaves Bangui à 17:15, arrives at Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 18:35 the same day
– Leaves Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 23:50, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 6:30 the following day

From 5 January to 23 March 2016:

AF 775

– Leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle every Tuesday and Friday at 9:10, arrives in Bangui at 15:45 the same day
– Leaves Bangui at 17:30, arrives at Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 18:50 the same day
– Leaves Yaoundé-Nsimalen at 23:50, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 6:30 the following day

Bangui, fourth destination in Africa served with the new cabins

After Douala, Malabo and Yaoundé, Bangui is the fourth destination in Africa to benefit from Air France’s new travel cabins, known as “BEST”. They are currently available to:

  • North America: New York*, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, Los Angeles;
  • South America: Sao Paulo;
  • Africa: Douala, Malabo, Yaoundé, Bangui;
  • Middle East: Dubai*;
  • Asia: Guangzhou, Jakarta, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo-Haneda*, Wuhan.

*: The new La Première suites are available to these destinations.

The best of air france to Africa

In the Business cabin, Air France has designed a real cocoon in the sky. The seat adapts to the shape of each individual, from seating position to a real 2-metre long bed. At the heart of the curved structure, each passenger creates their own space, enveloping and protective, according to their desires. The seat’s soft foam is designed to offer impeccable quality of sleep. The bed’s enveloping and padded headboard conveys an impression of being in a warm, contemporary room, a signature feature of Air France seats. With a soft duvet and XXL-sized feather down pillow, everything has been designed to ensure peaceful sleep among the clouds.

In Premium Economy, more comfortable seat cushions and a multi-position footrest further enhance this travel cabin. In Economy class, there is a new fully-revised seat, with more legroom, a new seat cushion, more comfortable headrests and a wider tray table. The seat has been ergonomically-redesigned to guarantee optimum comfort. The seat also features new functionalities including an electric socket and a headphones holder.

Air France named “world’s most improved airline” in 2015

In June 2014, Air France unveiled its first Boeing 777 equipped with the new long-haul travel cabins. One year later, the Company is reaping the benefits of its efforts and has recorded significant progress in terms of customer satisfaction.

In June 2015, Air France received two awards from Skytrax: World’s Most Improved Airline and, for the second consecutive year, Best First Class Airline Lounge Dining. These awards were presented to the Company at the World Airline Awards, an opportunity for Skytrax to issue a ranking which is a reference in the field of air transport. Both awards received by Air France are the result of a satisfaction survey, carried out online with close to 19 million customers.

Personalized services on routes to Africa

Air France offers customers on its African routes tailor-made services as soon as they arrive at the airport, as well as the excellence of French in-flight service.

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, a team of experts from the African continent is present on all flights to and from Africa, where they provide commercial assistance to passengers, taking into account the geopolitical, commercial, regulatory and cultural characteristics of each country. Air France and KLM also offer a larger baggage allowance than on the rest of the long-haul network, to most African destinations.

Around 1,000 local staff make up the Air France and KLM teams on the African continent. They receive continuous training in international industry standards, working on a daily basis to provide customers with the best of Air France and KLM.

On board, more than 2,500 cabin crew, belonging to Air France’s Africa and Middle East Division, are attentive to the specific expectations of customers on African routes. The Company offers a specific meal service, with typical African products such as chili or bissap juice in Business class.

Source: Air France.

Boeing, Emirates celebrate airline’s 150th 777 delivery

Courtesy: Boeing.

Courtesy: Boeing.

Boeing and Emirates Airline today celebrated the simultaneous delivery of three 777s – two 777-300ERs and one 777 Freighter – marking the entry of the 150th 777 into Emirates’ fleet.

Today’s delivery marks the first time in 15 years that Boeing has delivered three 777s at one time to a single customer.

Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the 777 and also the only airline ever to operate all six of the 777 variants introduced into service by Boeing.

Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates airline, said: “We have enjoyed a strong and long-standing relationship with Boeing on the 777 programme. As the world’s largest 777 operator, our multi-billion dollar commitment to the programme continues to support jobs and innovation across the aerospace manufacturing supply chain. The 777s give Emirates the range, reliability, and flexibility to efficiently serve close to 100 destinations on six continents with non-stop flights from our hub in Dubai. We are pleased to mark the delivery of our 150th 777 aircraft, and will continue to work closely with the Boeing team on the next generation 777X for the Emirates fleet.”

“This triple delivery to Emirates is an outstanding moment in a partnership that has grown phenomenally over the last three decades,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner. “As Emirates takes delivery of its 150th 777, it underlines the remarkable track record of this aircraft, undiminished as the leading long-haul passenger and cargo carrier. We are proud of this relationship and the confidence that Emirates has shown in Boeing airplanes over the years.”

Emirates ordered its first Boeing 777s in 1992 with delivery beginning in June 1996.  The airline’s order book for the 777 continued to grow over the following years including a then record-breaking order for 50 777-300ERs at the 2011 Dubai Airshow and 150 777Xs at the 2013 edition.

Today’s 777-300ER, which forms the largest part of the Emirates fleet, is the most fuel and cost-efficient airplane in its class and the most reliable twin-aisle aircraft in the world with an on-time departure rate of 99.5 percent. It also has the highest cargo capability of any passenger airplane. Emirates currently has 46 additional 777-300ERs on order with Boeing.

With today’s delivery, Emirates now has 13 777 Freighters, the world’s largest and longest range twin-engine freighter, capable of flying 4,900 nautical miles (9,070 kilometers) with a full payload at general cargo market densities. The airplane’s range capability translates into significant savings for cargo operators – fewer stops and associated landing fees, less congestion at transfer hubs, lower cargo handling costs and shorter cargo delivery times.

Boeing also provides Emirates with essential support and services including parts and components and Airplane Health Management to speed the detection and resolution of maintenance issues, Jeppesen Crew Rostering services to optimize flight crew scheduling, and AerData STREAM (Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management) to manage aircraft and engine records.

Source: Boeing.

TAM e British Airways anunciam acordo de codeshare

Cortesia: TAM.

Cortesia: TAM.

A TAM Linhas Aéreas, empresa do Grupo LATAM Airlines, e a British Airways, ambas as companhias aéreas pertencentes à aliança oneworld, anunciam um acordo de compartilhamento de voos (codeshare) e passam a oferecer mais opções para os passageiros que viajam entre o Brasil e o Reino Unido, com a emissão de todos os trechos aéreos em um único bilhete. Os voos com códigos compartilhados terão início em 1º de outubro e as passagens aéreas estão à venda nos canais de vendas das companhias a partir de hoje (3 de setembro).

Com todos os trechos em um único bilhete emitido pela TAM, os passageiros poderão voar de São Paulo a Londres, conectando-se a diversas cidades do Reino Unido (Manchester, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Belfast, Newcastle e Glasgow) onde a British Airways opera. Da mesma forma, passageiros da British Airways no Reino Unido poderão adquirir bilhetes para o voo diário da TAM operado entre Londres e São Paulo nos canais de venda da companhia britânica. Todas as rotas do acordo podem ser verificadas nos sites e Em breve, mais opções de itinerários para ambos os mercados serão anunciadas.

Membros da oneworld, a TAM e a British Airways oferecem benefícios recíprocos em seus programas de fidelidade, permitindo que os membros do TAM Fidelidade e do Executive Club da British Airways acumulem pontos ou milhas e resgatem passagens ao viajar com as companhias.

“É uma honra ter a British Airways como nossa parceira. Esse acordo acrescenta à nossa malha aérea importantes destinos em todo o Reino Unido, ampliando ainda mais a conectividade dos nossos passageiros”, afirma Claudia Sender, presidente da TAM S.A.

“Estamos muito satisfeitos em trabalhar mais próximos da TAM, nossa parceria na oneworld, e oferecer aos nossos clientes mais opções de voos no Brasil”, diz Sean Doyle, chefe de Alianças e Negócios da British Airways.

Fonte: TAM.

60 years of Lufthansa: Lufthansa Crew takes off in anniversary folk costumes during Oktoberfest

Courtesy: Deutsche Lufthansa.

Courtesy: Deutsche Lufthansa.

In just a few weeks, it will be “take off” time for the Munich folk costume crew during Oktoberfest. This year, the crew will appear in anniversary costumes: Lufthansa is taking advantage of its 60th birthday to recreate the traditional costume from the 1950’s. The fourteen flight attendants will be taking off starting in mid-September to destinations in North America and the Arabian Gulf. On 16 September, they will be off to Charlotte (USA), on 21 September to Vancouver and on 29 September to Dubai. “It is for the ninth time already that our costume crew will carry Bavarian tradition throughout the world. Our passengers will be particularly pleased with this year’s anniversary costume”, says Thomas Klühr, member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board Finance & Munich Hub.

The 1950’s costume was recreated by Munich-based fashion house Angermaier Trachten. The flight attendants’ Wiesn-Dirndl has been recreated in the style of the times, light blue with woven patterns in beige. The apron is beige with discreet light-blue dots. A newspaper report at the time wrote: “Lufthansa stewardesses in real Dirndls will look after passengers on board the Super Constellation from New York to Hamburg, as well as on Lufthansa- Convair planes from London to Munich during the Munich Oktoberfest.”

On selected European flights, a Lufthansa CityLine Crew will once again swap their uniforms for Bavarian costumes. The three flight attendants will also wear Dirndls from Munich-based Angermaier Trachten Fashion House. The bodice is yellow with blue flower prints, the skirt has blue and white stripes. In addition, the ladies will wear blue silk aprons.

Lufthansa associates at Munich airport’s passenger service will be wearing Dirndls and jackets this year which were designed by Munich-based fashion company Schustermann & Borenstein exclusively for Lufthansa. During Oktoberfest, many station employees will also be wearing the Lufthansa costume.

The Munich Lufthansa Lounges will be supporting the “fifth season” with culinary highlights. The First Class Lounge will offer Bavarian delicacies in the Oktoberfest- decorated restaurant. Specialties, like baked oxtail pralines and wheat beer tiramisu, will be freshly prepared by our cooks. In the Senator Lounges, guests can enjoy apple strudel, a cold platter and pretzels.

Guests of Lufthansa First Class can also enjoy selected specialties on board during the Oktoberfest. So for example, on the flight to and from Charlotte, a number of culinary highlights will appear on the menu, including the “Tegernseer Schnitzel” or a “Bavarian Oktoberfest Duck.” An iced Kaiserschmarrn or a lukewarm apple strudel will round off the menu.

Source: Deutsche Lufthansa.

Embraer Aviação Executiva expande rede de vendas na Europa

Cortesia: Embraer.

Cortesia: Embraer.

A Embraer Aviação Executiva anunciou hoje a Atlas Air Service como nova representante de vendas autorizada na Europa. O acordo com a empresa alemã compreende atividades de promoção e vendas para todos os jatos executivos da Embraer na Alemanha, Áustria e Suíça.

“Damos as boas-vindas à Atlas Air Service que, com seus 45 anos de experiência em aviação, apoiará o nosso time no sucesso contínuo de vendas na região”, disse Marco Tulio Pellegrini, Presidente & CEO da Embraer Aviação Executiva. “A Europa concentra a segunda maior frota de jatos executivos do mundo. Com esse acordo, reafirmamos nosso comprometimento com o mercado europeu, expandindo a rede de vendas para oferecer aos nossos clientes os melhores produtos de suas categorias.”

Sob o contrato de representação comercial, a Atlas Air Service vai trabalhar ao lado da equipe de vendas da Embraer, em linha com o plano da Companhia de ampliar a frota de jatos executivos neste mercado tradicional por meio de produtos verdadeiramente inovadores.

“É uma honra ser nomeada representante de vendas autorizada da Embraer”, disse Nicolas von Mende, CEO da Atlas Air Service. “Nosso legado no setor de aviação executiva na Europa atende todos os requisitos para uma parceria de longo prazo. Espero ansioso para apresentar aos nossos clientes as aeronaves diferenciadas da Embraer Aviação Executiva e alcançar sucesso em nossos mercados.”

Fonte: Embraer.

Com o slogan “É mais fácil viajar com Smiles”, programa dará continuidade aos motivos para sorrir

Cortesia: Smiles.

Cortesia: Smiles.

A partir de 01/09, entra no ar com a assinatura “É mais fácil viajar com Smiles”, a continuidade da campanha de aniversário de 20 anos da empresa. Criada para celebrar um momento tão importante, a campanha “Todos os dias um motivo para sorrir” teve início em setembro de 2014 e assumiu o compromisso de dar diariamente um motivo para seus clientes sorrirem durante o período de um ano. O sucesso foi tamanho que a Smiles decidiu assumir um novo compromisso com seus clientes.

Desta vez, queremos facilitar ainda mais as viagens dos clientes por meio de promoções, novas parcerias, ferramentas e outros tantos benefícios. A contagem das ações vai continuar de onde parou, para reforçar a continuidade. Ou seja, a campanha começa com o Sorriso Fácil nº 366, 367, 368 e vai chegar até o Sorriso Fácil nº 731.

“A plataforma de comunicação 365 motivos para sorrir foi um sucesso e superou nossas expectativas em termos de resultado. Fizemos mais de 300 promoções e os clientes adoraram. Por isso optamos por continuar, dessa vez com um enfoque diferente: fazer o cliente viajar de forma cada vez mais fácil, que é o que nosso cliente deseja” explica Leonel Andrade, CEO da Smiles. “Vamos continuar inovando e levando sorrisos e promoções para os clientes todos os dias” completa Leonel.

Para ilustrar esse novo compromisso, a Smiles irá apresentar a campanha com um filme de 30’’, que será lançado em TV fechada; spots de rádio, anúncios em revista, painéis nos aeroportos, internet e comunicação dirigida, além de relógios de rua e ações de endomarketing. A campanha foi criada pela agência FCB Brasil.

“Mais que uma campanha, esta é uma plataforma de comunicação promocional diária, que promove o engajamento e a reativação de clientes” explica a gerente executiva de Marketing do Smiles, Bruna Milet. Segundo ela, a ideia para a segunda campanha veio dos próprios consumidores. “As pesquisas mostram que nossos clientes querem usar suas milhas para viajar e que o que eles mais valorizam nos programas de fidelidade aérea é a facilidade, justamente o atributo que mais fortemente nos diferencia da concorrência. Ou seja, eles percebem que de fato é mais fácil viajar com Smiles e valorizam isso. Então nós assumimos um compromisso de trabalhar cada vez mais nesse sentido” conta Bruna.

Durante este ano, no período da campanha “Todos os dias um motivo para sorrir”, houve um incremento de 40% nos acessos ao site da empresa. Mas os resultados no período incluem números ainda mais expressivos: comparando o trimestre anterior ao lançamento da campanha (2ºTri de 2014) com o mesmo período deste ano (2ºtri/2015), a Smiles teve aumento de 66% no faturamento bruto, 39% no acúmulo de milhas (ex-GOL) e 56% no resgate de milhas em companhias aéreas internacionais, isso tudo com apenas 91 funcionários.

“Foi uma comemoração de fôlego. Os 20 anos do Smiles deu a FCB a oportunidade de fazer um trabalho integrado, de longa duração, onde o patamar criativo teve que ser superado todos os dias. E são estes aprendizados que devemos superar nos próximos 366 dias”, diz Joanna Monteiro, CCO da FCB Brasil.

Fonte: Smiles.

​Embraer’s Legacy 450 receives FAA certification

embraer-legacy-450-press-apresentation-copyrighted-to-aviation-news-net-do-not-use-for-any-purpose (3)

Embraer Executive Jets today announced that its new Legacy 450 business jet received type certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The approval comes a few weeks after the aircraft earned certification from Brazil’s civil aeronautics authority (ANAC).

“The FAA certification highlights our commitment to delivering innovative products that go beyond customer expectations. With its unique features, the Legacy 450 offers outstanding technology and performance, along with unsurpassed comfort and style,” said Marco Tulio Pellegrini, President & CEO of Embraer Executive Jets.  “The Legacy 450 is the first mid-light jet with full fly-by-wire technology and side-stick flight controls, which makes it easier to fly. The digital controls produce a smoother flight, improve performance, and reduce pilot workload.”

The Legacy 450 comfortably seats up to nine passengers and is the only mid-light jet featuring a 6-foot-tall cabin and a flat floor. Its cross section – 6 feet 10 inches – is the largest in class, five inches wider than its nearest competitor. The first Legacy 450 delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015.

Source: Embraer.